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Thread: Deanna

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    Shes got a strong voice. I loved her singing Janis!
    "Pluck not the wayside flower..." William Allingham

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    Quite simply, she's too good to front a band and WAY too talented a singer for a reality show competition. Hopefully the show will give her the exposure she needs, anyway.
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    I've only seen one episode, but I've got to say; the Canadians are doing well! Deanna is great, and Debbie Harry once said (in response to being told she looked young) "I only look young because I'm mentally retarded." Not the case with our girl here, though.

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    Honestly, she's been off and on for me. I loved her version of "Should I Stay or Should I Go?", but her Melissa Etheridge and R.E.M. were meh for me.

    However, I did love her Doobie Brothers. That was awesome.

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    Deanna's hair

    I'm not one to encourage Dave's leering (although it is kind of funny), but it is true that her look just gets better and better, and she looked GREAT for this Doobie Bros song!

    I think she should just wear her hair in a ponytail so she's free to dance around like that more often-- her energy is more infectious, so you can really forgive the oversinging or whatever. Plus, her do's can get a bit elaborate-looking, with little braids etc... not very ROCKSTAR.

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    Deanna's list of favourite albums on her blog is really cool (one includes an album from the church she attends periodically; that kind of threw me, I just dont' think of Canucks as a church-goin' people).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar
    Bread??? Nooooooo (runs screaming from the room)

    (comes back to explain that back in the 70s, adolescent self and younger sister spent countless hours mocking Bread, along with the other wimpy, "sensitive guy" whiners like Dan Fogelberg and James Taylor, and Mushmouth from the Doobie Brothers).
    Now wait a minute! I'm with you on Bread and Dan Fogelberg, but James Taylor is in another class altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxhill
    Now wait a minute! I'm with you on Bread and Dan Fogelberg, but James Taylor is in another class altogether.
    Gotta agree with you there, boxhill. I never found him swoon-worthy, but to me he's a classic. (On a side note, I was watching the annoying Carrie Bradshaw and she made fun of Big for having a Blood Sweat and Tears album. What was that about? I love BST! I knew there was a reason I don't like that character). I lived Deanna's version of Melissa Etheridge. I've still got the ear-worm from it a week later (and I mean that in a good way).

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    I think Deanna has a great voice, but she suffers from a lack of confidence. I've heard her put herself down several times, and I think she needs to work on that.

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    The Vegas After Party

    For those of you that don't know Libs came along with me to an after party for another board that I belong to, which took place after the INXS concert.

    Deanna did an acoustic set for us which lasted about 45 min which was excellent. She was beyond sweet, as was her husband who was stuck beside chatty little me during her set, and took photos and signed autographs.

    She actually remembered me --- I must have been so obnoxious/cute, depending on who you were on the rockers couch, as they all remember me so far. I do have an autograph, but no scanner.

    Here are my pictures....my digital was being a real pain. But it worked in time for Libs to take the last picture.


    The site above is her official site and she told everyone at the party to email her, which I did, as I wanted to let her know how great it was and she emailed me back the same day.

    I went to the show liking Deanna a little, but left a converted fan.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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