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    Hometown: Studio City, CA (originally from Las Vegas, NV)
    Occupation: Musician/Bartender/Yoga Instructor/Dancer
    Age: 30

    Dana was born and primarily raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, by her physician father and nurse/real estate agent mother. At age 8, her father joined the U.S. Navy and the family proceeded to move around for the next five years. Returning to Las Vegas, Dana became a showgirl at the age of 17 where she worked in the show "Jubilee" and then "Splash" at the Riviera.

    In 1997, Dana left Las Vegas and moved to Los Angeles to fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer. She formed her band, Aerial, and plays at local Los Angeles clubs, including The Viper Room, The Roxy and The Gig. Dana has recorded a demo and has worked with Christian Figit from Kidney Thieves. In 1996, she formed a band in Las Vegas called Honey Pot and played at Club Utopia.

    Additionally, Dana's acting credits include the adult cable films "Sinful Obsession," "Intimate Nights" and "Stripper Wives."

    She greatly admires rock star Robert Plant as he most reminds her of herself. Her favorite artists are Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley. Her favorite CD is Soundgarden's Bad Motor Finger. In 2004, she got a yoga certification and now currently teaches in Woodland Hills. She enjoys hiking, writing and going to movies.

    Dana's birth date is December 20, 1974

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    i like her musical influences - chris cornell, buckley, robert plant and soundgarden. however, is she a porn star?

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    That's the impression I got, sher -- porn. AND music. But it sounds like she's been out of the singing business for a few years.
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    I'm not sure really...
    I just looked her up on imdb. Her name is Dana Robbins and her movies certainly are soft core, late night cable stuff. It does not seem like she had major major parts in them but her name is definitely up there in the credits. Interesting. I wonder how this is going to effect her chances of winning.

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    She sort of looks like a guy.
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    She looks like Robert Plant.

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