I've been watching this show since day one and I must admit that the quality of artists has exceeding my wildest expectations. After guiltfully watching the horrible P Diddy show, Da Band, I was expecting the same calibre of performers to appear on Missy's show.

I'm not saying that everyone on this show is the bomb, but there is definitly a lot of talent on this show that would easily squash those losers on American Idol.

The reason for this post is that I was flipping through the website and I was checking out the bio's of each performer when I came across Yelawolf. In the media section where you can watch videos, there's this amazing jam that the deligates do when Yelawolf is kicked off the tour. I don't remember seeing it in the episode, but I'm astonished they could cut that scene out. Anyways, I think this proves that there is a lot of talent on that bus - minus Nick and Melissa of course (Missy, you lost a lot of respect by keeping that chick on, amongst other things) - so check it out.

The video clip is called "The Strong Survive" and its a tribute to Yelawolf.
Its pretty dope.

Peace out................