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Thread: 1/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Ms. Lady
    Yelawolf did great tonight! : Towel boy should have left tonight. Even my 7 year old daughter was laughing at his lyrics. He is way too cocky for the amount of talent he has shown. And Nilyne is acting like the most important thing to her in this is fawning over Nic. I thought they were trying to get a career out of this? Well they are both cute and corny - good match. My favorite so far is yelawolf. I think he's gonna shine!

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    Nic is way too cocky. If he had some talent I wouldn't mind it as much but he lacks some serious skills.

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    Cori deserved to go tonight. She had a bad voice plus she said herself that she didn't fit in. You never say that because if you do, people are going to doubt your ability. She was the least talented to start out with, after Heather left, and the fact that she highlighted another weakness of hers did not help.

    Nic is not very good. I see him leaving in the next few weeks along with Nylene, Melissa, and Deltrice. All four of these people are nothing special and aren't talented enough.

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    I liked the comment about Britney when Cori did her thing.
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    Thanks Ms. Lady for your positive comments about Yelawolf. I think he is number 1 in my book as well.. HIS SIS...

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    Nic should be embarrased. I can't believe he is even on the show. Saying "Hey, Ma" repeatedly and swinging your arms around does NOT make you a rapper. It may make him a good extra in a rap video-maybe Akil or Yelawolf will give him a job some day...

    Cori was the right show. If she didn't feel comfortable with this type of music she should have thought harder before joining the MISSY ELLIOT road to stardom. Just what type of music did she think they were going to focus on?

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