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Thread: 1/05 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsMamba
    That girl (Heather) was SUPER wack! A total fraud and Missy made the right decision by bouncing her ass off the bus. She knew nothing about hip hop and was exposed. She's what those who are REALLY into hip hop like to call a "perpatrator"!
    Well, when she was rapping at the party she sounded good to me.

    And for the various people commenting on my original comment, note the time I posted it: 8:32, 2 minutes after the show aired.

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    Hmmm... well, Yelawolf was not good. I was amazed by his meh-ness. Frankie B's a step up from Yelawolf, but still... not too wunnerful. I still like Akil and Jessica, but somehow theme-park boy worked his way to third on my list. I'm surprised. And scared.

    Overall, not a bad show... the talent could be better, but all the people (except Yelawolf and maybe the girl the cut tonight... was Jessica her name?) seem easily marketable. Cori is pretty marketable, but she can't sing too well... she could benefit by pulling an Ashlee Simpson and blaming it on acid reflux, though. If that went bad, she could always try *gasp* singing.

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    It's like a dyslexic that was playing Scrabble?

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    That was so laughable that Heather didn't know Big Daddy Kane or Salt N-Pepa, and then she didn't know any Jay-Z lyrics. I applaud her ambition, but know the history of your craft.

    I hope Marcus, Akil, and Jessica make it far.

    I love Missy's ever present lollipops.

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    Finally watched my tape of this.

    I gots to say... Ms. SpongeRap SquarePops did good. Very aloof and above it all, perhaps even better at that aspect than Trump, but also very perceptive in her little quizzings of the contestants.

    My reactions? Jessica nailed it. Cori is nailable but didn't nail it. Marcus was smooth and professional. Yelawolf, as expected, was almost as much of a poseur as Heather. Frankie was okay, in his later private performance for SquarePops. Matthew was better than expected. The rest? So far just blend.

    The bus is hilarious. The angry road manager too. The judges? Not that irritating--always a nice thing.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    I want to know if Missy has a stash of pops available at all times or is she going to 7-11 to pick up a few before air time.

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