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Thread: Judge - Mona Scott

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    Judge - Mona Scott


    As president of Violator Management, Mona Scott's expertise in managing, marketing, touring and promotion has helped steer the superstar careers of the likes of Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Capone'N'Noreaga, Mobb Deep, The Clipse, Tweet and DJ Red Alert, all of whom have mined platinum CD sales on one or more occasion. Along with partners Chris Lighty and Todd Moscowitz, she has helped guide Violator to sales of between 8-10 million records a year for the last six years and has orchestrated the marketing and promotional campaigns that saw the last seven Violator albums debut in the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

    She has brokered groundbreaking promotional deals for the hip hop artists under her care, including Missy Elliott's relationships with Adidas clothing and MAC Cosmetics, as well as Busta Rhymes' agreements with Pepsi Company's Mountain Dew.

    To better market hip hop to Hollywood, Violator Marketing Group (VMG) was created to successfully promote mainstream products to the urban consumer, a consumer not defined by ethnicity, but rather by lifestyle. VMG has landed promotion contracts for various film and television projects, including the feature "Blow," starring Johnny Depp and directed by Ted Demme.

    Scott's career began at a placement firm for graphic designers and art directors. Later, she managed the original Trackmasters, who produced such acts as R. Kelly, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Noreaga, Cam'ron, Foxy Brown, Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, Big Pun, MC Lyte, Fat Joe and founding members Tone and Poke.

    Not only is Scott a judge of THE ROAD TO STARDOM WITH MISSY ELLIOTT, she is the co-creator and executive producer as well.

    Scott lives in New York City with her husband and their two children.

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    i like her, but i think sometimes she tries to work in catchphrases. she's hard, but i think she's fair.

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    I like her too, though she seems styled to be the "Simon" of the show. Hey, someone has to be it! I like her style, I like her manner of communicating, and she does seem to have a genuine concern for the people that she's evaluating.

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