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Thread: Judge - Dallas Austin

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    Judge - Dallas Austin


    One of the most sought after producers in the entertainment business, Dallas Austin's creativity and innovative style have shaped the sound of today's pop and R&B music worldwide, and in recent years have created a presence for him in the film industry.

    Austin recently completed in-studio work with Janet Jackson for her latest album "Damita Jo." Most recently he has worked with Gwen Stefani on her first solo project; rock band Dropsonic, which is on his Rowdy label; Duran Duran; Nas, and newfound-talent Ciarra. In the past, Austin has worked with Aretha Franklin, George Clinton, Michael Jackson and Madonna. He has also worked with After 7, Erick Sermon, Johnny Gill, Bjork, Brand New Heavies, Fishbone, Grace Jones, Tricky, Usher, Pink, Shakira, and Macy Gray, to name a few. Another Bad Creation, Boys II Men, Monica and TLC are key projects whose inaugural albums or initial hit singles were written or produced by Austin.

    In feature films, Austin produced the movie "Drumline" in 2002, which was based on his own life experience in a high school marching band. He is preparing to shoot his second feature film, "Jellybeans," as well as working on a number of projects for television and direct to DVD distribution.

    As a result of his success, Austin is the creator and sole proprietor of a production company, a studio with three facilities, a record company, a film company, a merchandising and marketing company, and three publishing companies.

    Even with his many ventures, Austin remains heavily involved in the Dallas Austin Foundation, which he created in 2003 to develop the talents and skill sets of urban youth by exposing them to various facets of the music and entertainment industries. Key initiatives of the foundation include a college scholarship program, and the recently launched "Don't Stop the Music" program, created to keep music in public schools.

    Austin was honored recently for his achievements, both in the studio and out, by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) Atlanta Chapter during its 3rd Annual Heroes Awards, which is the highest honor bestowed by an Academy Chapter. Additionally, he became the first recipient of the IMAGE Beacon Award at the 28th Annual Atlanta Film Festival for his commitment to bringing film production to Georgia.

    Born in Columbus, Georgia, Austin began playing guitar and keyboards at the age of seven. He quickly became adept at playing drums, bass guitar, harmonica and many other instruments.

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    damn, dallas is the man. i knew his name from another bad creation and tlc (he has a son, tron, with chilli), but i didn't realize he has done so much with so many people.
    he's definately talented. and, i like how he judges. he looks for initial oomph, and people who he can help mold into a star.

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    I totally forgot the name of Chili's baby's daddy was DALLAS AUSTIN.


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    Dallas really knows his music, those lyrics to Missy's new mucic track were sweat.

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    At least he (or any of the judges from this show) are not biased.....*cough*ANTM*cough*.

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    It's funny watching Dallas. It seems like he;s always cracking up during the competition. I like how he called nilyne a firecracker. I think he likes her...

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    i like Dallas . he's my fav judge outta the 3.
    "There is no shame in going out fighting and getting your ass kicked, but there is no honor in not fighting at all." - The Undertaker

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    ^mine too. He's certainly the best judge of talent there, I think. I wish he had more pull, though, w/ the decisions. He and Teena are coached into agreeing w/ anything Mona says.

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