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Thread: Yelawolf

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    Yelawolf's website will be up and running soon so keep checking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brwnhotcoco
    I think Yelawolf is cute.
    Yeah Wolf IS cute...and HOT too ...i was very disappointed that he got kicked off instead of Melissa. he was 1 of my favorite. though he really should have shut up about how whacked Missy's track was...i kept shaking my head, wanting him to shut up cuz it's really not smart dissing it in her face :nono...i'm sure Missy is not that cool about it, but i hope she really didn't kick him off just because of that. i would feel sorry for him.
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    "There is no shame in going out fighting and getting your ass kicked, but there is no honor in not fighting at all." - The Undertaker

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    I liked Yela and was sorry to see him go undeservingly. but what was he thinking pushing missy's buttons like that? it was like he was daring her to kick him off. they heard him the first time he said he didn't like it (the beat), then he brings it up again, and again the next opportunity he gets.

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