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Thread: Nilyne

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    Quote Originally Posted by starchild
    Frank B carried the show? Yea right! Who you think made up the routine? not no damn Frank B. He couldn't even do the 1, 2 step if his life dependend on it. Give credit were credits due. and it surely ain't with no Frank B. Nilyne held that group down just like she did in Nashville. What happened to Frank B. then?
    Yeah i agree in nashville she rocked the house. I mean she held it together with her dance and singing and Frank b wasn't one key and his timing was on. I mean don't get me wrong I liked him but Nilyne did do her part in Nashville if wasn't in that group it wouldn't have worked well lol

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    I think Niylne and nic were gettin buzy. She still stuck up for him when Missy was grilling her and that song was way too nice for nic.

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    How did Niylne acted after Nic got kicked off. Does anyone think something will happen with them after the tour? I think maybe lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNKY
    I'm surprised she's still here. She can not sing. She ends up screaching out the notes and goes sharp a lot. Her songs are just as bad as her singing. Yes, she is cute and fits what is popular today. But that is because a lot of tone deaf singers are popular due to the fact that people fall victim to liking this music. She has no talent.

    She is another one does not have any talent either.
    1. She cannot sing.
    2. She throws herself at men.
    3. She does not have any writing skills either.

    She has no talent, and if she does make it without this show it will probably be because she threw herself on some guy in the business.
    I dont even think she is cute LOL.

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    SHe has raw talent and a ton of power in her voice. She can really belt, which is surprising coming from such a tiny frame. I can only imagine what she could do if she got some professional voice lessons.

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    I'm not completely insane quanahg's Avatar
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    last night, i saw how good she can sing. i think she sounds better than deltrice. (oh yeah, i've said that before).

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    I would like to meet Nilyne. I think she's a great singer and dancer. She will be the final one left

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    i love Nilyne!!! you go girl.

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