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Thread: Melissa

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    Fool... but no pity. Krom's Avatar
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    While her performance stank, and it sucks to keep someone like that, I didn't like the fact that earlier in the show she was being dissed simply for being close to the age where people build forts. For pity's sake, she was cast for that very reason.

    She'll be gone soon enough one way or the other, and YelaDoggie was no big loss to the show.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Great job last night Melissa! Great backup vocals and the insider clips are just hot! Keep on delivering.

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    Melissa did very nice last night in the performance; I wasn't feeling her improptu performance for Missy, but she wanted it more. She's small, but strong, like she said.

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    mellissa gettin better

    Everyone thinks Melissa should go but I like how she is honest about herself and is always trying to improve. nic has a good sound but his attitude will get him booted

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    Melissa never impressed me until last night's episode, where I must say she did a fine job.

    She still doesn't seem as though she's 19 years old, though. She seems to be about 16.

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    Melissa's personality really came out last night while she was performing. She was totally into it, enjoying herself, and giving it her all. I hope she can continue to step it up a notch and stick around.

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    she'll be gone next week

    she performed ok for the cuntry music, lets see what happens when they get back on tack and do the hiphop thing

    btw, her performance at the end to missy to save herself was awful...she can't sing

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    she is tough and she wants it

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    She needed to go a few weeks ago. She can't sing. Her "country" was really bad. Matt and Jessica were the stars of that performance. She just isn't good enough.

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    i love her even more now and i am mad she is gone

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