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    Quote Originally Posted by gstw10
    I'm new to posting to this board but anywaaaaaaaaaaayzzz

    I don't think she's fake at all. I could be wrong however, I feel like "fakin" the whole tomboy thing isn't something too many people would do or go through.

    I actually think the stud/tomboy vibe is her REAL persona, it's not many out there who would take the public criticisim that somebody like Jessica would have to go through.

    I think sometimes a lot of girls or even boys are forced to pressured to dress a certain way just to fit into society, and sometimes when you come of age you realize that, that's not really you at all, & just finally bust out of that shell.

    I used to be like that too, forced to be very feminen when it's not what I wanted, but when I got a certain age & got that certain amount of confidence I decided to just be me.

    I like Jessica, I think she has an awesome voice & I think her being a tomboy on national T.V is an inspiration to ALOT of young ladies in America.
    Very well said Gstw! I could not agree with you more. People don't seem to get that Jessica is ONLY 23 now. During her record deal she was a hungry kid from Chicago. A teenager. She did whatever the record companies/stylists suggested because she wanted to sing.Who cares that she's tomboyish? Besides some of us like tomboys! Jessica is gorgeous!

    I'm still pissed that Akil was sent home. FINALLY Missy got rid of Nilyne! I guess Matthew is next to go. His performance last night was solid though. He performed like a seasoned veteran. I was impressed.
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    Jessica's chat on UPN the day after the finale

    We have an answer to the 'style' question:
    Tay_watsdadealio: I've seen older pictures of you and your style has changed tremendously. What brought that change about?
    Jessica: There never really was a change. I always had this style. When I did that particular album cover and those pictures, I was dealing with issues on my style and I was warped between keeping it real with myself and loving myself. That is basically how that came about. I am glad The Road To Stardom exists because it gave me a chance to redeem myself. I thought I had to put the weave in and wear the makeup and tight clothes. But to find out you guys like me for who I am means everything in the world. I love you guys!
    Link to the rest of the interview: http://www.upn.com/shows/missy_ellio...ica_chat.shtml

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    Quote Originally Posted by vibewitme
    Hello I'm new to the forum. I just wanted to say a few things to support Jessica on this show. I realize that she has made an album before and even a video. Did any of you know that Eddie has also???? Or even Akil opens shows for the Black Eyed Peas and alot of other neo type artists. Just because you have prior history in this business doesn't exclude you from STILL being an amateur. Obviously, they aren't around at this point doing much of nothing so they are just lookin for a way to broadcast their talents to the world on national tv. I'm not mad that Jessica looks different or that she may have had a chance to play professional ball. The fact is that she didn't do it and now she looking for a way to make her life better for her. I do believe that being the stud/tomboyish woman that you see on TV is in her. You can tell it by the walk, the talk, the demeanor of her is natural. You can't go from one extreme to another like that and not mean it. I believe that the industry tries to make you to be what they want you to be and therefore your unhappy with the situation. Look at Alicia Keys same deal.. you can't compromise your integrity for fame. She's coming back this time as herself and hopefully the world will accept her as who she is. I can understand some people when they say they were cheated out of something. But shoot put yourself in her shoes What would you do? The girl is bad weather she feminine/tomboyish gay/straight she's has a beautiful soulful voice, and performs well enough to back up anything yall say about her..
    I can agree with you on one level where if you used to have a record deal or have expeirence its still okay to get in one of these (singing/talent contest) tv shows. But on the other hand if its supposed to be a level playing field and some have exposer to profesionals and some not, then most likely the person wih jessica's expeirence versus somebody with say heather, Mallisa or even mathew or Deltrese, jessica will win everytime. and thats not fair. but we dont know the rules of the tv show.
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    Road to Stardom With Missy Elliott (UPN)

    Does anyone know what's up with the winner, Jessica?

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