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    Quote Originally Posted by Cacciliaria
    I miss that guy already.
    i miss him too ...& his beautiful music!
    did any of y'all watch the video on UPN where AKil wrote Matthew a goodbye letter after his elimination? in the letter, Akil praised Matthew on being a great guy and that he respects him. Matt appreciate the letter & said that "Akil is THE man", but "hate being the person who stay over him" (as Matt stated). yeah, i wouldn't be cool about that either. i agree that Akil is THE man ...& i thought it was sooo sweet of him to write a goodbye letter to Matt. Akil is such a great guy, and with that, it pi$$es me off even more now, seeing him gone !

    i hope Akil will have a deal soon. seriously, i want to buy his album! his music is simply amazing!
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    Yeah, my ideal final three were Matt, Jessica, and Akil. They all had the "it" factor to me, and three very different styles. Not to knock Deltrice, but she, Nilyne, and Jess were basically competing in the same category, and Jessica was undoubtedly the strongest female vocalist. I would've loved to have an MC in the final three.

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