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Thread: Your Weather NOW!

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    Be careful Libs and all of our other Florida friends.

    It's been unseasonably cool here (Kentucky) since last Wednesday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erin_dye
    Resurrecting thread.

    Is anyone else having unseasonably cold weather? In SE Michigan it is in the mid-60's and has been all week. Typical August weather out here is usually in the high 70's-low80's.
    erin, I'm in NW Ohio, so it's roughly the same as yours.

    Thanks for the update, Libs. Take care of yourself.

    eta: Was it crazy at the grocery store today with people clearing off the shelves?
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    I don't wanna talk about it veej If you take day after Thanksgiving sales and move it into a grocery store atmosphere...that's exactly what we were like from 9am till the time we closed. COMPLETE INSANITY!! And I don't even want to think about the cleanup that's gonna be involved when we go back at whatever time it is tomorrow cause we had literally 15 minutes to get all the customers out of the store and attempt to clean up our departments some and get out of there. My deli and bakery are some scary places, but atleast we got the basics cleaned up and all the food shoved into the coolers/freezers.

    UPDATE ON CENTRAL FLORIDA...we're starting to now get the rain/wind bands and they have moved up our approximate hit time to 8-10pm. There's nobody out on the roads at all from what they are showing from the cameras along the highways, so atleast that's a good thing, everyone looks like they are wherever they need to be.

    ETA...this dang thing isn't slowing down! It's more than 100 miles inland and is still maintaining a category 4 status.
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    in the kitchen, darling!
    Libs, have plenty of food that you don't have to cook, water, or Mountain Dew, in your case. A kerosene lamp or two might help. Take care, sweety.
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    Be safe,Libs!
    It has been really cool in Chicago this year,and I have no complaints.I really hate humidity,if I didn't like being an American so much,I'd move my ass to Ca-nah-dah.

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    It's hot here again, 25 celsius, not sure what that is in Farenheit, slight breeze though so it's bearable. Most of Canada is really hot Corks, except Vancouver and Victoria. The prairies have extreme weather, super cold in the winter like lows of -40 Farenheit, and super hot in the summer. Vancouver is the city for you!

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    Cloudy, mild... it's supposed to be stormy this weekend. All I know is August Wisconsin weather is not supposed to be this cold. I 'm not complaining.

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    Absolutely beautiful. upper 70's, slight breeze, clear skies. Looks like a gorgeous weekend in the works!

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    Like Star, here in central Ohio it's been unseasonably cool most of the week. Right now we are sitting at 65. Weather patterns sure are weren't they used to be, or at least it sure seems that way to me.
    Keep safe Libs, our thoughts are with you and all our Florida Forties.

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    I live in southern California, where we have been in a drought for years. I'm inland, so no ocean breezes...it can easily be 100 every day throughout late July and August. Thank God for a/c everywhere. Woke up this morning to unseasonably mild temperatures, then WHAM lightning and thunder like I haven't seen since Tucson, Arizona summer monsoons. Unbelievable. It was fantastic. We NEVER have thunder and lightening even in the winter here. My adorable little terrier mix was cowering in the laundryroom, so I sat in there with her for a while. It rained hard for about three hours...now we're back to normal but it was fun while it lasted. This was indeed a first...I loved it. I hope alll you Floridians stay safe....I'll be thinking about you.
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