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Thread: 6/5 Show Discussion Finale

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    6/5 Show Discussion Finale

    I thought I should make a thread where we could talk about tonights episode.

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    The ending was okay. We all knew about the lawsuits before the season even started. :rolleyes

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    Pretty anti-climactic. The best part about tonight's episode? That it was the LAST!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I thought the ending was quite unsatisfying. I guess there's nothing else they could do with the show, but it seems like it requires one more episode that should be shown once the litigation comes to a conclusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Pretty anti-climactic. The best part about tonight's episode? That it was the LAST!
    You summed it up very nicely SnowflakeGirl!
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    I missed the show because of work.. appears I didn't miss a thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    I missed the show because of work.. appears I didn't miss a thing...
    You definitely did not miss a thing. That show gave new meaning to the word 'dysfunctional'.

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    I missed the last show too with it being on Saturday I just totally forgot! ugh!! I read the recaps, and it just seems wrong the way they ended it!! I want to know what became of the restaurant! :rolleyes Oh well, Rocco really turned out to be such a dissapointment that I guess I shouldn't be surprised...I wonder if all his fame will now go out the window now that we've seen how rotten he can be!

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    Litigation Here We Come, Right Back Where We Started From!

    I tuned in last night to watch the finale, having been snookered into believing that perhaps there would actually be SOME KIND of resolution to the conflict between Jeffrey Chodrow and Rocco. The ad said Rocco would be faced with the choice of buying Jeffrey out and taking back the restaurant entirely or else taking a sum of money from Jeffrey to walk away from the restaurant, once and for all.

    I -- dummy that I am -- actually believed that the show would end with a decision being made.

    Instead we were shown Rocco and Jeffrey sitting together in the final scene, with Rocco considering those two possible outcomes that Jeffrey had just proposed, and then Rocco saying, "I need a few days to think about this."

    Next thing I know they showed the credits and followed it up by saying that Rocco decided to fight this in court and the litigation on both sides is pending.

    So that was disappointing to me, 'cause I found myself RIGHT BACK WHERE I WAS WHEN THIS BEGAN! I would have loved for there to be some closure on this, 'cause now my curiosity has been stoked and I want to see Rocco lose (after learning what a jerk he is throughout this second installment of The Restaurant).

    It was a crummy series, in my opinion, and last night's show was just as bad as all the other episodes.

    I find it hard to believe Mark Burnett agreed to display his name at the end of this show! It was so unlike all of his other great productions.

    I missed having this forum up and running while last night's finale was being shown (it was down 'cause John was transferring data to a new server, and that took longer than anticipated) 'cause at least I'd have had the company of my pals while watching this last show.

    So I missed your company, everyone, but I'm glad we can discuss it now, at least.

    ONE VERY POSITIVE ASPECT OF THIS SHOW THAT I NOTICED is that Rocco is the luckiest guy in the world to have his mother still in his life. MAMA IS A WONDERFUL, RARE GEM and she stole the show, last night, during the scene where she agreed to go with Rocco anywhere he chooses, and she says she'll support him no matter how this ends up. Then she's shown accompanying Rocco on a FOUR BLOCK LONG WALK through New York on a crummy, cold winter day, and her mood was still supportive and uplifting.

    At her age she does so well and she was a wicked good trooper as she walked all that way next to her son. I thought she maintained such a gentle, wise way about her as she walked with Rocco to look at potential new restaurant locales.

    Mama is a class act, and a gentle soul, and I wish her all the very best. I love that lady.

    (But I still think her son is a knucklehead!)

    Thanks for letting me vent about this show, everyone, and special thanks to YOU, JOHN, for giving us this great forum in which to do it!

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    Well, it was 7pm and I was ready to sit down and watch the last episode, when the local news came on instead of the Restaraunt! I was peeved. From what I've been reading, sounds like I didn't really miss anything. Guess I'll have to wait till Bravo shows it.

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