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Thread: Whatever Happened to . . . .?

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    Whatever Happened to . . . .?

    Whatever happened to people from last season? Here's an update on the 'gruff kitchen manager', John:

    (I couldn't attach a link, so to go to the site, follow the directions below - sorry)

    Start with the usual w's, then nj, then com, then the rest:

    /search/index.ssf?/base/columns-0/1085674200299240.xml?jjournal? wjcolab

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    From what I heard, Gideon is still acting in comedy sketches. I want to know what happened to Gavin. He was hot!

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    I'd like to know what happened to everyone from the first season. They made a big deal out of showing a couple of the characters quitting, like the Italian waitress and and the gay waiter. Other fairly prominent cast members who were heavily featured initially just seemed to dissapear. Like for instance, the "waiter promoted to bar manager" that Rocco gave the Vespa to to not quit. Where did she go? There was like a whole episode dedicated to Rocco begging this girl to stay...and now, where is she? Also, what about the Asian line cook that was always yelling at the younger cooks to hurry up? And what about that waitress and line cook that were hooking up? You know, that episode where the waitress slips a note in his locker and kisses him later. Where are they?

    My other question is, why would anyone leave the restaurant while it was being filmed for television? I mean, these people had to have known they would be in a million homes every night the thing aired. I would think they would have stuck it out no matter how bad the conditions just for the notariety and semi-fame.

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