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Thread: Have you worked at Rocco's 22?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    Spooks, the FORT is a popular place. You'd be surprised how many actual reality TV participants we get here.

    Personally, I'm giving kissyface the benefit of the doubt.

    Was JC there when you worked there kissy?
    Than you kissyface for taking the time in sharing with us some details.

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    God only knows
    IT's too bad that there are not more that are on here as well (I too am giving kissyface the benefit of the doubt. I mean, who would lie about having to work for Rocco?!).

    I suppose with the show having gone completely downhill, people are not too eager to tell people that they actually work there!
    I used to have a handle on life... but then it broke off.

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    AR Boy
    hahaha i still smile when i think of that hot chick who really hated Rocco left haha "You fake eeetaliano Basteed!"

    But yea, is cold food still an issue at Rocco's 22?

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    Rocco, the celebutant ...

    Maybe things would have worked out if Rocco and his 'PR' person spent less time selling him to masses and had him spend more time focused on getting his infant startup off the ground. You can't treat a new start up as if it were matured business. Rocco never seemed to realize that this place needed exclusive hand holding for at least 1 year before attempting to leave it on it's own like it an adult. Rocco seemed oblivious to this fact and Jeff never seemed to point to this problem either as being at least one major problem issue. The second is the Rocco ego, which resented much needed management help in areas that were out of his realm. Then you can't really overlook the overhanded way in which Jeff attempted to remedy the situation. Sounds like a match made in hell that was sure to fail from the git go.

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