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Thread: Who's right: Rocco or Jeffrey?

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    Its a devil's partnership....whose soul has been sold for less here......John....If they wanted me to bail them out...I would walk quickly to the exit......

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Hmmm, someone with no management skills versus someone with management skills that put him in federal prison. Six of one, I guess.

    Just saw the two Restaurant shows from this past Saturday (had to tape 'em). :rolleyes

    Neither Rocco OR Jeffrey is a prince, but daaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnn n, Rocco takes the cake!

    At least he did in THESE two episodes, anyway.

    Let me count the ways . . .

    Was it the pizza dough he placed on his head in front of customers (that Mama had to tell him to remove)? Was it when that same piece of dough went onto a grill used for other food in front of the patrons? Was it his unprofessional firing of Tony, the LAST person who should've been sacked? Was it Laurent trying to talk sense into him not once, but TWICE, and apparently doing absolutely NO GOOD because Rocco has a head as hard as Stone Mountain and as big, to boot? Was it his making pizzas for people to eat without apparently having washed his hands at all? Was it his taking over for Tony in the kitchen, then wandering off upstairs to schmooze with the customers, leaving frustrated, angry staff below with no control or direction? Was it his getting into a shoutdown in the restaurant with Jeffrey? Was it his inviting Mama along to said shoutdown without apparently (that I saw, anyway) having first informed Jeffrey that Mama was going to sit in on their business meeting? Was it that Mama really had no business being in on that meeting in the first place?

    Y'know, for my money, after watching these two episodes, it's my opinion that Rocco deserves whatever Jeffrey's gonna do to him. And again, this is said with the knowledge, up front, that Jeffrey doesn't qualify for sainthood, either.
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    Mama Harold
    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Hmmm, someone with no management skills versus someone with management skills that put him in federal prison. Six of one, I guess.
    Yeah, I know what you're saying, but just because he cheated in the past, doesn't mean he's going to do it again. Prison does tend to be a deterrent in these instances. Anyone remember Michael Milken?

    I think I'd rather have the former convict than the clueless running my business. I actually have a lot of respect for Jeffrey.

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    Jeffrey knows how to deal with people on a business level. Rocco seems to practise more of the attack type.

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    Mama Harold
    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Jeffrey knows how to deal with people on a business level. Rocco seems to practise more of the attack type.
    Don't forget the good old ostrich head in the sand technique he seems to be a devotee of. Plausible deniability. If I've never seen it, I ain't responsible.

    Oh, and HI Eldee! Long time no see!

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    Hi Mama Harold!

    (Speaking of ostrich, I tried it last week and it was delicious! It didn't taste like chicken , it was more like a tender beef).

    Maybe Jeffrey has a cooler head when it comes to talking.

    I did enjoy when Rocco kicked that intern out!

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    I'm new to this board but I've seen both seasons of the show so I thought I'd join in on this topic. Like everyone else, I don't know how much is staged and how much is genuine but I do know that my view of Rooco turned completely around from the first season to the second.

    With the first season, I went into it assuming that he knew what he was doing and that he was just dealing with a bunch of bratty, whining employees who thought they could do everything better if they ran the place but they didn't. He did and he was the one with experience I thought. In my head I could defend most, though not everything he did, by saying he's successful so he must know how to run the place.

    Then we have the second season and the financial problems. I don't know if this was true for anyone else, but it took me awhile to figure out what Rocco's position was in regards to the financial problems and Jeffrey's interest in getting more involved in the restaurant. I didn't know if Rocco was denying the financial trouble or just wanted to be left alone to fix it himself.

    One thing became clear to me in the second season. Rocco is, among other things, terrible at defending himself. One scene that sticks out for me is when Rocco misses the meeting with Jeffrey to give the graduation speech. Later, when Jeffrey brings it up with Rocco, his response is you changed the bar stools without consulting me. What kind of answer is that? It's the kind of answer a little kid gives when he's confronted with having done something wrong. It was as if he didn't even understand the question.

    Another thing that turned me against Rocco was the way Tony was fired. He could fire him or not but the way it was done was unnecessary (unless someone thought it was necessary to do it that way for purposes of the tv show), He was treated worse than the employees who lied to Rocco last season about being in an accident.

    I haven't said much about JC because I think for the most part he just is what he is. He's a good business man. He may be mean or nice or many other things we could come up with to call him. However, unlike Rocco, he seems to be able to look at a situation and see it for the way it really is. Thanks

    p.s. It just occurred to me, if Rocco never saw the monthly financial statements and Laurent did, why didn't we see Rocco fire, or at least get angry at Laurent for not keeping him informed? Would that not be part of his jjob? Sorry this was so long.

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    The show should have been called THE LURKING INFORMANT ,with Laurent as the star!!That is how I saw him. He was in every scene and I think he was a double agent.hahaha

    I am not afraid of dying....I just don't want to be there when it happens!

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    Did someone on this thread say Rocco does not know how to run a restraunt?

    Rocco runs Union Pacific, a highly touted 5 star french restraunt. So to say he isn't good at running a restraunt is a ridiculous statement.

    Rocco put his trust in Toney as well as the rest of his staff to ahndle the numbers and they dropped the ball.

    People chastise Rocco for not being there, but who do people come to the Restraunt to see? Chadorow? No Fn way. Rocco all the way. And why do you suppose that is? Becasue he is a celebrity chef who has to market himself. All Jeffery does is run restraunts he doesnt have to "sell" himself to the public like Rocco does. So you tell me who has more time available in a given day. Jeffery has a team of people, Rocco is only one man.

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    Union Pacific is a 2-star restaurant. And it's been around long enough that Rocco's "running things" is pretty well hands-off, and even seems to be smoother when he's not around, as you would expect.

    Rocco is an owner, he shouldn't be putting his trust in anyone but him to handle the numbers. Tony's a cook. If he's in charge of handling numbers, then Rocco's insane.

    Rocco is a moron. You won't convince me otherwise.

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