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Thread: "The Restaurant" returns to NBC on April 19

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    "The Restaurant" returns to NBC on April 19


    NEW YORK -- March 18, 2004 -- Rock star Chef Rocco DiSpirito returns to NBC with six new hour-long episodes of "The Restaurant" beginning Monday, April 19 (10:00-11:00 P.M. et), adding sizzle to an already hot Monday night lineup following "Fear Factor" and "Las Vegas."

    "This show and its star Rocco were clearly one of NBC's break-out hits this past season," said Jeff Gaspin, Executive Vice President, Alternative Series, Specials, Longform and Program Strategy, NBC Entertainment. "We feel our viewers are hungry to find out what has happened to Rocco, his beloved Mama and their colorful staff."

    The second season of "The Restaurant" will pick up six months after the first season finale as viewers will discover what happened to Rocco and his restaurant, "Rocco's on 22nd", after the frenetic and emotional opening. A major storyline running throughout the six episodes will be the real-life dramatic conflict between Rocco and his financier Geoffrey Chodorow (China Grill Management) as Chodorow seizes control of the restaurant accusing Rocco and his staff of financial mismanagement.

    Rocco will encounter these and other pitfalls throughout the series and we will see if he can rise to the occasion and turn things back in his favor. This begins with a major focus on improving the quality of the food and the hiring of a new chef, a colleague of Rocco's from Italy. We will also meet the new staff members as they work alongside returning staff including everyone's favorite, Mama DiSpirito, General Manager Laurent, Captain's Uzay and Emily, Waiter's Carrie and Al and Chef Tony. Plus, "The Restaurant" will star, once again, the city of New York and all of the colorful patrons who came to eat at "Rocco's on 22nd" during filming.

    Last summer's initial run of "The Restaurant" dominated its time period, winning or tying for first among adults 18-49 with all six telecasts. "The Restaurant" averaged a 3.6 rating, 10 share among adults 18-49, making it a top-15 show for the summer in this key ratings category. In overall total viewers, "The Restaurant" averaged 7.8 million viewers.

    "The Restaurant" continues to be the only unscripted drama that literally caters to the viewing public. Anyone at any time can call for a reservation during filming or just show up during dinner hours and try to get a walk-in table. The reservation hotline is 212-353-0500.

    "I always considered season one of 'The Restaurant' a six episode pilot. So many great dramas come back season after season and there is no reason why unscripted dramas cannot continue this trend," said Mark Burnett, Executive Producer. "It is simply great storytelling incorporating captivating characters with Rocco, our leading man, front and center."

    "Rocco is an amazing chef and unique television personality. We are thrilled to watch him continue his journey of trying to please the most discerning diners in the world," added Ben Silverman, Executive Producer

    "The Restaurant" is executive produced by Reveille's Ben Silverman, Mark Burnett of Mark Burnett Productions, and Robert Riesenberg on behalf of Magna Global Entertainment.

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    John, thanks for the info. I couldn't find out when the second season would start. Then I read something about a suit re: the ownership or something like that. I guess they will show it on NBC before reairing it on Bravo.

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    All of the original ones are airing on Bravo this Sunday. I didn't watch the first season, so my Tivo will be busy this Sunday!

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    cant wait to watch the show. =)
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    I only saw one episode of the first show. I watched the episode last night. Can anyone tell me briefly why everyone appears to hate Rocco?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teppo
    I only saw one episode of the first show. I watched the episode last night. Can anyone tell me briefly why everyone appears to hate Rocco?
    From what's been shown thus far, he's arrogant, egotistical and doesn't give a rip about people. Will chew them up and spit them out in a heartbeat, in front of others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teppo
    I only saw one episode of the first show. I watched the episode last night. Can anyone tell me briefly why everyone appears to hate Rocco?
    At least on the show, he comes across as very very self-centered, has very bad people skills, and falls somewhere between a slut and a whore.

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    Thanks guys.

    Yikes. He has such a sweet face. I was feeling sorry for him. Who is the plain looking brunette the camera kept focusing on last night?

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    Rocco seems like a nice guy when he is out of that restaurant. He doesn't seem to hold up well under pressure. I don't particularly care for him, but I hate that business partner. He seems like a mobster or something.

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