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Thread: The Theme Song!

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    The Theme Song!

    who sings it and what is the name of it?

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    Deep Dish
    Don't know but the line I spontaneously sing in the shower is:

    Ya cookin' for me, Rocco!

    I don't get the part where the singer mentions "SoHo." Could it be the song was commissioned when everyone thought it was going to be in SoHo before the tortious interference lawsuit?

    I'm looking forward to tonight's finale which is rumored to feature the showdown between Captain Ahab and tubby Brian!

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    As much as it used to annoy me to have the theme song stuck in my head, I'm now longing to get it back there. For the past two days, I've been walking around hearing Rocco's voice singing "Workin so hard ... Rocco" (from the sing along around the campfire) over and over and over and over and over and over again. I need there to either be another line to the song, for Rocco's voice to miraculously get in tune, or for that song to get out of my head now!!!!!

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