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Thread: 8/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Melissa Sk8s
    Quote Originally Posted by Diana
    Hello Melissa,
    They were told that we waited in the emergency room to be looked at for a concussion, and then left. That phone call to the hospital that they showed Rocco making was faked for dramatic purposes. All of the hospital tomfoolery was ridiculous and had nothing to do with the actual issues.
    Well, I am glad to hear that YOU were not involved in any lying. I think it would have been truthful to decide not to come in because you weren't feeling well. Who could under the stress of working too hard and not even getting paid!

    It looks like the liars are the producers of the show presenting what's on screen as reality.

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    Please remember we're a PG-13 site, and that if you're quoting someone else, it's still your responsibility to remove foul language from your post.


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