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Thread: Kitchen staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by ex-chef
    I'd also like to see more attention paid to the kitchen staff. I'm sure there's plenty of drama going on down below. Regarding the glove issue and the meatballs, one is only required to wear gloves when handling food that is not going to be cooked before it is served.
    Funny thing: This evening on Access Hollywood, Rocco and Mama were once again cooking the famous meatballs. This time, it looked like a scene from ER. Gloves, hair tied back...This is obviously an attempt to counter the health code violation publicity... too little, too late!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsprout
    Any one else dissappointed that most of the focus of the show has been upstairs? I know that's were most of the drama occurs... but a lot goes on in the kitchen, not just cooking either. I was really hoping to see more of the kitchen staff, especially how hard they work.
    I think Rocco should stay downstairs. It's pretty clear that cooking is his strong point. I have been very unimpressed with him. He seems like an ass, but his whole face and demeanor changes in the kitchen. He's more comfortable down there and it shows.
    I found lots of BOH info, and insight at
    It has a very interesting Rocco forum.

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    How's Perry doing? Is he still working at Rocco's? I thought it was unfair last week when he was covering for three absent staff, and his superiors complained that he couldn't keep up.

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    x-tra stuff in the food?

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliGirl
    I believe you are right on all counts, mimi.

    Mama's straggly hair might be the secret ingredient in those famous meatballs. Talk about fiber.

    Dripping sweat and cold food, not a wholesome combination to be sure. Throw in some unwashed hands and you've got the makings of some serious Board of Health violations.
    I agree with you also. T my work they send you home if you dont have something over your head. They also were picking at food in the kichen and eating some of it. eww.

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    Quote Originally Posted by belle90
    They also were picking at food in the kichen and eating some of it. eww.
    THEY weren't. Rocco was. He ate fish that Perry made. At the time, it was the ONLY thing on the grill. Perry said something about being glad he came in early that day, so I'm guessing he came in early before the yopened, and Rocco and others went over the basics that he needed to know running the grill. Rocco ate it, to give him (shock of all shocks based on theway his management style was portrayed) some positive reinforcement about his skill. Then they showed him making a pasta dish, which they then showed him eating with his girlfriend ... i'm sure she's shared enough with him that she wouldn't mind eating food that may have a touch of his saliva on it.

    Now if he were picking up food, putting it in his mouth, touching the food again, and then serving it to customers, I'd say EEEEWWWWWWW too. I've been grossed out witnessing that happen before at restaurants. But if he's dirtying his hands on food that he's eating -- or a woman already swaping saliva with him -- who cares?

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