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Thread: Lola's big mouth

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    Lola's big mouth

    Is Topher really gone? I hope not...he's been the best part of the show. He may have stayed if Lola had kept her mouth shut. If you quit...and your boss beg's you back...with a promotion and a bonus (in this case a free 4 thousand dollar Vespa) YOU KEEP YOUR BIG YAP SHUT ABOUT IT. She could have just returned and said...they made her an "offer she couldn't refuse." If I was Rocco I would have gone back to her and fired her...for gloating to everyone and causing Topher to quit! I lay odds she's not even there anymore.

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    I was very surprised when Lola told then she had been given the Vespa.

    I think it was very unprofessional of Rocco to give it to her in the first place. The promotion should have been enough.
    For her to then basically gloat about it when no one needed to have known was bound to make other people angry.
    Many of the staff appeared to be just as annoyed with the job as she was, knowing she walked out without even speaking to Rocco, then he basically bribed her to come back was bound to piss people off.

    I know she was excited about getting the Vespa, but I tink she could have been a little more tactful, knowing how unhappy several other empolyees were.
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    I agree with Angie. Shut your yap, Lola. You dont brag about stuff like that. Especially to the people in the same boat with you
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