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Thread: “When Darkness Falls” - The Restaurant recap 8/10

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    Thanks CG!! Great Recap as usual!
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    Great recap, I really love the section about the exorcism,oops, I mean blessing.
    Keep up the great work.

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    Thanks for the info about the menu. My boyfriend is also in the food industry and feels the same way you do about the food handling! So, if someonw in NYC watched the show - would you then go and eat there? LOL

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    Best recap so far!

    I laughed all the way through it. I especially liked the french guy's "I'll seenk about it"! Funny stuff! Does anybody feel extremely sorry for Laurent? I get the feeling that we have given him a bad rap. I actually didn't notice that Gideon's sling somehow changed arms and then back again.. but alas, upon firther Tivo review, it is true. It is sad that we were all right about him exagerating this whole thing. Rocco showed me that he saw through it from the get go, he has never even thought twice about "rewarding" him for this stunt. That being said, he should be looking for another job because even if Rocco does let him come back to work it will be on a very short leash.

    Couple of technical thing that happened... the 6 tables that Carrie gets is a big deal because they were all sat at once. The hardest part about waiting tables is the first 10 minutes or so of each table. That is when you greet them, get their drinks out, take the order, etc... after that you have a support staff to help out, runners to bring food, bussers to help with the silverware changes and plate clearing, etc.. Normally, the hostess tries rotate sitting a server's section to give them a chance to get that frist 10 minutes done before they get the next one... So Carrie (and everyone) was freaking out that her entire section (6 tables) got sat at once. By the time she could get around to the 6th table to just say "howdy", it could be an hour. That is why she was going nuts. Back when I waited tables (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), I could handle being double sat (2 at once)... but being triple sat would kill me and you just feel like you are behind for the rest of the night no matter how much you catch up. I cannot imagine being sextuplet (is that a word?) sat. Yikes!

    Great recap CG, I always look forward to your recaps they are so well written!

    The keg kicked, or blew as they say... it was out of beer. Just something that is a pain.. You have to change the keg and it is not hard to do but it is time consuming and she didn't have an extra 5 minutes to mess with it right then.

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    Rocco with his usual wit and wisdom asks if the French usually make mistakes and then quit?
    :rolleyes No Rocco, quitting is what the French (and most people) do when the Italians continue to make the same mistakes and do nothing to correct them.

    Great recap, Cali!

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    Very fun frea, CG! Last night was the first time I caught any of the show, and your recap filled in the blanks with great hilarity!

    And curse you, Stebo - I haven't waited tables in 15 years and your mention of the term "triple sat" is going to bring back the nightmares!

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    Good Lord, no wonder this is Rocco's 2nd (or is it 3rd) attempt at a restaurant. This guy is HORRIBLE. Not that I know anything about managing a restaurant, but from reading these reviews, I think a monkey could probably do a better job. No food covers (at first), bad heat lamps, firing and re-hiring people out of the blue.
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    Gideon's not play acting

    I did notice in one scene that took place outdoors (I think it was the one where Rocco convinces the french guy to stay), all the signs on the surrounding businesses were backwards, leading me to believe, obviously, that the video of the show was backwards (and not the businesses - this is not "bizarro world"). This would explain Gideon's arm seemingly switching from left to right or vice versa.
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    Nice job, Cali!!!!!!

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    Thank you all so much for your kind words of appreciation. I don't know where we are headed with this restaurant series, but stick with me for two more shows and I promise to make it worth your while as well as provide you with a few laughs.

    DD, mimi, Leo, Wayner, Night Owl, Hazy, ilean4clay, Sairysue, benice, dobolina, firenze, genericwife, Wayner, YA, amuse, and last but far from least, Maji - You guys are the best! Thanks for reading my stuff. May I put you on my mailing list when my novel gets published?

    Stebo and REAL Chef, I really like the insights you provided to us as "insiders" regarding sanitary issues, table set-ups and empty kegs. It's great to read your comments.

    Could Gideon's broken arm switch have been a "mirror image?" Is that possible?

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