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Thread: arogant management

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    arogant management

    I have worked in the restaurant business for 15 years and been in all angles of the business. I feel Rocco needs to get his management and sit them down and he also needs to get off his butt and quit being a jerk and work along side his crew and fix the problems not pass them onto it being his helps fault. That is so negative and bull crap as far as I am concerned. You make it a great environment and have a small opening night not an all out bash for the first time and expand from there. You don't go around firing people of treating them like crap and expect everyone to be happy. Have people who are well qualified to help you manage the restaurant and don't be a pompous jerk. You need to humble yourself and not vent your frustration on your staff for your incompatence. Get out there and roll up your sleeves and make this thing run. Have your mom work in the kitchen with the cooks and show them all how to do it right and serve good food. Don't try to make excusses that are lame accept responsibility for your lack of knowing how to run a good restaurant. Learn along with them and tell that French man go ahead and quit and the rest of management that if htey can't work along side of the employees and quit acting like they don't need to roll up their sleeves and help to then let them walk. Find people who are willing to go above and beyond their duties to help work out the problems. Also show some form of being human and show some real compassion for those who do get injured on the job, it is your restaurant and you are responsible for providing a safe work place. Good Luck Rocco but take some strong advice get out if you can't dig in and help your employee's out. You don't need to be out there getting your rocks off flirting with the women who are fake and phoney. Get real.

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    I have to agree, and the clapping hands are cute.

    The only problem, that's in a perfect world, huh? And this is the real world, no?

    Spel chek, whats up!?

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    Looks like you will get our wish. Rocco started to do some work tonight and next week he demotes himself to waiter to get back to the basics. You have nothing to worry about, this whole mess will turn itself around on tv this week (after all the 6 weeks are almost over)... Unfortunately in real life it has not turned itself around. While there are some favorable reviews from a few entertainment writers that were invited (and prepared for with their own personal waiters).. this real food critics have ripped this place a new one well after the cameras had left the building and the growing pains arguement was worn out. Rocco went back to his lovable self tonight.. as he should.. an article that came out this weekend shows that Rocco is being compensated to the tune of about $2 million bucks for all the endorsements and commerical plugs that he has done. Hey, more power to him. While the restaurant industry will always laugh at this whole thing and feel that it was not indicative of a real opening; the point is to entertain people and it is easily winning its spot every week.

    I am very entertained by the show now that I have just accepted it for what it is. But what a great waste of a neat concept (you know I couldn't post without saying that )

    Enjoy the show folks, that's entertainment... I am just an old school stick in the mud.

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