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Thread: Whats wrong with "The Restaurant" as a show

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    Whats wrong with "The Restaurant" as a show

    In the fine spirit of the waitstaff airing some gripes about the restaurant, here are my gripes about "The Restaurant."

    It started off with such a better premise than most reality shows; filming people at an inherently interesting activity, as opposed to putting them in a room, waiting for drama, then making them eat weird stuff. Restaurants are the most exciting and diverse workplace in America and NBC makes it look like a prep-school bitch session.
    Where is the kitchen? The line cooks? The freakin' dishwashers!?! The fine non-fiction novel "Kitchen Confindentials" exposes kitchens as they (mostly) are: placing that are hot, liquored-up, speaking different languages and carrying knives. What the show has a lot of is mostly white folks that are actors and know how to get camera time: whine like a baby. Remember what the great original reality shows were: cooking shows! A little more dealing with the produce guy and what to do when you are out of the fish of the day and less of bambi crying about being yelled at. Instead, what we have here is a replate of the reality shows that are on the way out- nothing more than attractive people mulling about.

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    I totally agree with the statement that you just made. It was great!!

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