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Thread: Restaurant 8/10 Show Discussion Thread - *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelsentbb
    I'm a big fan of reality shows. I saw the commercials for this show, and didn't think it would be good. Turns out I'm addicted. I have been reading posts about Gideon, and posters saying who he is and what he does is not truthful. Like being a waiter or real estate person, or if he broke his arm or whatever....I hope I don't sound rude, but who are we too say what happened? Thats how reality tv shows work. They edit and edit and edit to get the show to be drama, and crazy. They don't show everything on the show. I saw someone post saying how he didnt' see Gideon crying. So we didnt see him crying, doesnt mean it didn't happen.....Another false thing about the show the lady that was the "food critic" is actually a tv reviewer not a food critic for the NY Post. Things are twisted and not all what they seem on reality shows. All I wanted to say is that reality shows will edit to what they think the american public want to see. We don't always know the truth or see it......

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    Well, welcome to the forum, honey! Do you like Rocco, or no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsTresMulder
    Well, welcome to the forum, honey! Do you like Rocco, or no?

    I did at first. Then I saw the way he treated the staff. I was shocked to say the least. My boyfriend couldn't understand why. I have worked as a waitress at differest restraruants (sp). not the best speller. lol. Anyways, I was upset when Rocco went to Tulfars table and said "Ya he f***ed up" after not getting something right. I was surprized that poor boy just didnt quit right then. I will be Da***d if my boss is going to speak to my table that way In Front Of Me! Forget that. I could only imagine how hard it must be to open a new place and make everyone happy., but your staff is your BACKBONE! They make the place run. So, if u want things to go right, treat your staff with respect. But also in my first post I mentioned that things are edited. Producers, and all those other people on the show editing stuff, i think can make things what they are not, and what they might be. Hope doesn't sound confusing. They can edit someone to be a butthead, but in real life, the person has their times, but is a nice person. I couldnt judge Rocco based on this show. I would have to meet him. Also how the people talk about the food not being that great. On these threads people have talked about how good the food is there and the service. It all comes down to EDITING EDITING EDITING EDITING EDITING ,,,,,,, i hope i have not rambled on to long,,,,,,i could still go on,,,lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsTresMulder
    Yes, Gideon just wants to be there...and I really can't blame him, but Rocco does have a point...
    Gideon has bills to pay.
    As far as I can see, Gideon is only getting paid when he's at work which is why he is so eager to be there.
    Perhaps he is being paid regardless and just wants to pysically be there in case there are any tips to be had
    He injured himself at work, so surely the business has a responsibility to pay him as his broken arm means he can't work anywhere else either.
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