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Thread: Rocco on Conan O'Brien

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    And if he is in touch with his feminine side, maybe he should be talking himself out of his stockings and not someone else.

    Now I am off to barricade my door before the Rocco-ettes appear to flout me for my ridiculous ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajiH
    Well, his radar sure was off with Linda Staci (spl?). Could she have wanted to flee any more? She looked like a deer in headlights. No, check that. A naked deer in headlights.

    Who is Linda Staci and what exactly happened between her and and Rocco (I missed the first half of last week's episode, but did see all of the previous 2).?
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    She's an entertainment reporter for the NY Post, who had a bad dining experience, and ripped her pantyhose on Rocco's booth. Rocco said "We'll get you another pair....if you give me your old ones."

    Along with being extremely shallow and rude while trying to be funny.

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    It seems that Rocco trying to sell his celebrity to the diners in his restaurant rather than food and service. Maybe he can make back the money his backer invested in the restaurant this way.
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    Hey, name one man that has had perfect experiences with women. I can't. He's human and he has a penis. That usually sucks out intelligence for people who have them.

    Anyway, the Linda Staci thing went bad, but she was uncomfortable anyways. Reading her review she was nervous and Rocco probably was trying to loosen her up. But hey, today's episode will saw Rocco as what he really is.

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    I missed it, I am soo sad, oh, well, Conan repeats come on Comedy Central, I'll see it today!!


    Did I spell Central right??

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