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Thread: Why Rocco's "the show" has worked... and Rocco's "the Restaurant" has failed.

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    I am torn about watching this evenings' episode. On the one hand, I am hoping that Rocco gets called to the carpet by his investors for his behavior, and lack of leadership. I would really enjoy watching him squirm...however it is very clear from the promos how tonight will play out. "Super Rocco" indeed.
    The editing is so heavyhanded that I can't bear to watch. This show has reached such cartoonish proportions that I feel worse watching this then I did "Joe Millionaire"'s 2 hr. finale that was really a recap!!!
    I'll give it a few minutes, but if the same phony stuff is featured I can switch to HBO and watch a far superior unscripted reality show. Project Greenlight.

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    STEBO you are so right with your thread--- I totally agree with what you said. Guess we will see what happens in the near future. Is it worth losing a TV show with so much drama produced ratings to have a successful restaurant?

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