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Thread: I love it!

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    I love it!

    When I heard about this new show I thought "Here we go again!" But WOW how true to form this is. Being a former (and going back into the biz) waitress, in New York and now Florida everything you all see is right on the money! Especially at a grand opening. The money Stinks on the 1st day but only gets better after that. Also the happy owner (in the training classes) is your best friend until opening day.
    From my NY experiance the Greek diner oweners are more like Rocco. I am not so sure about him very 2 faced. BUT I LOVE THE STAFF (not the GM).
    They got me hooked! Horray for a REAL LIFE SHOW!

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    I agree, this show is excellent. I don't work as a waitress but I work in the food industry, and I enjoy this show because ALOt of the stuff goes on where I work.. Especially the issues with the employees.. It's nice to know its not just happening where I work

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    Yes, I am not really of fan of reality based shows, however, I do LOVE this show. I have also been a server, and thank God I am not anymore, but I can really relate to what those people are going through. It's really tough, and I understand how they must feel about the management as well.

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    When I heard about this show, I was excited. It combined lots of the things I love. Food, especially italian, reality tv that isn't a contest- more like a documentary, and great looking guys.
    Episode 1 was O.K., it kept me wanting more.
    Episode 2 was just scary.
    I had to keep changing the channel everytime Rocco was on screen. Frankly, I was embarassed for him. I saw all the preshow publicity on Today, and ET. I even went to eat at the restaurant before the show aired.
    EEEWWW! I'm sorry that man received one penny of my hard earned money.
    I'm going back to the Food Network, where I'll never have to see Emeril fondle a customer, and where Mario Batali always puts his best face forward for the fans.

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    I spent many years working in the industry. Unfortunately, the attitudes that Rocco and his management staff have displayed so far are all too common.

    I saw a commercial for the next episode. It looks like Rocco is going to go from being the goat to being the hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by genericwife
    I saw a commercial for the next episode. It looks like Rocco is going to go from being the goat to being the hero.
    What? Is he running into a burning building to save a baby? It's gonna take about that much to elevate him in my book.

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    I saw that too. Short of committing hari kari to save the family honor?????
    I'm sure that he'll cook, it will be great, we'll get shots of happy customers and staff...
    In real time, as of 8/6, the place is getting bad reviews that are so horrible he must of killed someone close to them, or fondled the wrong guys wife!

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