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Thread: Have you been to Rocco's?

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    Well if you call now you can get a table for the first week of september.
    So about a month I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by uselessdevotion
    i see that you said you're booked untill the end of August, but i was wondering, how long in advance would you suggest making reservations?

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    hey i just have to say that maybe they do edit and only show the bad responses and not the good ones BUT, i cant imagine how bad the food must be to warrant these faces the people made. a lot of the people looked horrified.

    and i have to add that, if i knew cameras were on me i would act like i liked the food instead fo looking disgusted and i am sure i am not the only one.

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    Hello Everyone!
    I was just wondering, if people could post there run-in's with Rocco or "The Restaurant". How was the food? How was your first impression with Rocco? Share your story, I'd love to hear them.
    Thanks, Have an awesome day!

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    okay people nevermind, i didn't notice this thread and i tried to start my own, but thats okay.. i'll just read.. my bad!

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