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Thread: Topher

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    Amen to that

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    Topher is funny is you find that kind of humor amusing..michael, you must admit, he is effeminate.

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    If you knew topher you would know that he does not get stressed easily. Whih gives you a little indication into how rough it was working there

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    Topher's Web Site

    Hey...I just came across Topher's web site. It's www.tophergoodman.com. It has a email link so that you can send him a note.

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    Loving Topher

    Hey Fluff...We all Love Topher. Great personality and wit.

    Quote Originally Posted by fluff

    Rocco is not alone, I love Topher too

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    If we're posting messages to Topher:

    Why were you kissing that girl at the bar???? That's what I really wanna know.

    But seriously, you seem like a sweetheart, and I will dig you outta the weeds any day, k? Don't get so far in the weeds!

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I adore Topher.
    He presents himself and carries himself in such a professional manner, I really think Rocco is luckt to have him on the staff.

    Topher is actually interested in the direction the restaurant takes and wants to be able to give diners who ask questions decent answers.

    Rocco just brushes it all aside though unfortunately.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I think Rocco was a little harsh with Topher in this last episode....BUT, Rocco's motto is "the customer is always right", and the flip-side to that is that if there's a disagreement, the staff is always wrong. It's the only possible way to ensure the first part. So, Rocco will always assume the staff is a f-up.

    I do think Topher had some problems using the touch-screen ordering system. Whether due to computer error or user error, I'm not sure, but either way, it was part of the problem and stress of the evening.

    Not quite sure why he's sticking his tongue down that girl's throat, though. And his buddies didn't seem to appreciate being told on camera "thank you for being gay."

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    Quote Originally Posted by teetoo
    "90% of restaurants fail in their first year." - Rocco DiSpirito from his AMEX commercial. How ironic that he's predicting his own fate.
    Ya know, that AMEX will bail him out though. For a while, anyway!

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    First Interview with Topher

    Metro Weekly, DC's gay magazine has the first interview with Topher Goodman, the waiter on the restaurant:


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