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Thread: Why was that one hostess fired?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uselessdevotion
    yeah and i thought it was pretty shitty how they had them get their hair all scary, with whatever look they were going for there, before firing them.
    I know, It's like some kind of theme retaurant. What's next, the waiters going to get up on the counter and dance to YMCA? There used to be a restaurant in my hometown called Magic Time Machine, where the waiters would dress in costume and then act the part: pirate, cowboy, etc...Rocco's is kind of like that. That scene with the ex-waitress talking to Rocco in the tent with her hair all screwed up was strange. She will probably have to shave her hair bald and start over again.

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    I think she was fired simply for drinking on the job...that is one thing that cannot be tolerated..unless you are rocco who downs more shots a night then then mama emits fake accents.

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    It seems to me that the entire management's attitude to the employee's at Rocco's is to flip them the finger, figuratively speaking. But it's like that at a lot of companies, isn't it? Do they really have to fire employees so easily or do they just get off on it?
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    i think she was there only for the cameras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_red
    i think she was there only for the cameras.
    I think most of them were.
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