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Thread: Building codes

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    Building codes

    Im a Pluming and Building Contractor from the Jersey Shore, We remodel, Build new Homes, Ect...
    From my experiance, there is no way you can open a business or even obtain a C/O (certificate of occupancy) if the job is not 100% and passes inspection.
    They were still working on the building when customers were walking in.

    Nomal inspections are, plumbing, then electrical, then fire, then framing, then insulation, You then can put up drywall. (remember you can only spackle once a day if it dry's well, so drywall usually takes at least a week), you then paint and install fixtures, then you need final inspections for each of these trades, a final on building, then a c/o. Sometimes these inspections can take up over 2 months time in itself.
    Maybe NYC is a little different, but im sure many strings were pulled to for this to happen. In reality, this is not reality...

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    I have no doubt strings were pulled.

    We didn't see the building inspector at all this week (complete with his trade mark Pink Panther music).
    "That's Numberwang!"

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