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Thread: **Spoiler Thread--July 27 Episode--Spoiler Thread**

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    Deep Dish

    **Spoiler Thread--July 27 Episode--Spoiler Thread**

    Gideon is the biggest ass on reality TV ever. I've had crap service at restaurants but if I got even 10% of what that jerk was passing off as waitering (is that a word?) I'd leave immediatly.

    The food sucks and should have left the "Italian" part on Ellis Island because it's doing a disservice to The Boot.

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    WOW! THE biggest ass on reality tv?!! That is saying a lot! Oh how I hate I missed this episode. Cmon with the recap Cali!!

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    Deep Dish
    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetNuf
    WOW! THE biggest ass on reality tv?!! That is saying a lot!
    Well, excluding Survivor: Africa's Linda and Survivor: The Amazon's Joanna, of course.

    Cmon with the recap Cali!!
    CaliGirl is working on it as we speak and it will be a blinder!

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    I'm waiting impatiently for the recap as well, as I missed the first half of the show and want to know what Deep Dish saw that made him put Gideon in the same category as Linda and Joanna (which is an odd collection for most annoying, as my personal pick for most annoying is Rebekah from Bachelorettes in Alaska). I saw Gideon hit the deck, but I also saw Mama taste the raw meatball mix, ewh.
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    the restaurant

    This show rocks. Very excititing.

    I love how the gay guy (forget his name), after he was told by Rocco that he's doing an awesome job and how much he loves him, how he just went into this leadership role. It really just shows how positive feedback affects people in a good way.

    I'm getting the impression that the food is just 'regular' but at least the show isn't, very original.

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