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Thread: Relating to The Restaurant

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    Relating to The Restaurant

    I work in a restaurant and couldn't WAIT to see this show. Once it gets going it will be great to watch and RELATE to things! Are there any others out there hoping for the same thing? This was the longest week waiting for the second show!!

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    I agree ftchaser. I too am looking forward to watching the staff and customers interact. I know in the restaurant biz it could be one catastrophe after another. I'm hopeing to get tips on how to (or how not to) deal with them. Hehe.

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    I work in a steak house/buffet and im a server and i love watching this show...i like to see how simialar (sp) it is!

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    Ah, this show is just an example of how some things go in the restaurant that I work at. It's great!!

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