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Thread: More Fake than the "Mosaic" on the Floor

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    Whether there are scripted moments or not, that does not detract from the fact that this is on of the freshest, most interesting new shows on TV and the producers deserve much credit for bringing something new to the table. I would have had a problem if they only portrayed Rocco as a great guy, but that is not the case and to me that is why the show deserves repect.

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    I really like this show but last night's episode had me royally pissed at Rocco. He came across as a big self-centered jerk. I just couldn't believe how he treated people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwm99
    You have to believe this is real, because no one in their right mind would have risked their professional reputation like this if they had a clue. Rocco has been publicizing the hell out of this show, and If he knew that his true "self" would have been exposed, he never would have done it. Would you let this man feed your pet hamster after what you saw in tonights episode???? I sure wouldn't
    I think you're right about Rocco not looking very good on the show last night. However, one of his traits is total obliviousness to his own shortcomings -- he is so quick to blame everyone else for them.

    He probably thinks he's a star. How long do you think that restaurant will stay open? It's getting nothing but negative publicity through the show, although some people will probably go there out of curiosity.

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    If you are a rock star, or an actor, any publicity can be good. If that's where Rocco is headed, his star may shine. But if he plans to stay in the hospitality business, he is going to have to work very hard to overcome the bad behavior he has exhibited.
    I needed a shower after watching last nights episode. And what kind of a man, while having his private parts (allegedly) squeezed, calls out for his mommy????
    I hear that next week he calls in a priest to bless the space...I think an exorcist would be more appropriate.

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