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Thread: Gideon

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliGirl
    Yeah, sure.

    Wow, is this necessary? Let's all practice what we preach here.

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    If I was a participant on a reality tv show, I don't think I would be spending so much time on message boards. It's got to be very difficult to have complete strangers pick apart the details of your life. Gideon is, for all his work experiance, still quite young. If he is planning a career in theatre, or television I would strongly counsel him to NOT read all his reviews. He has chosen to put himself out there, now he needs to work on doing his best, and not worry about picky details.
    That said, we have every right to discuss how he comes across as a "character" in this unscripted whatever.

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    As someone who used to be an athletic trainer I would be reallllllllly scared about the quality of care if the doctors COULD tell anything from the x-ray within 24 hours or they did put a cast on within that time period, breaks have a MASSIVE amount of swelling associated with them and its incredibly common place for an arm break to be splinted for as much as 48 hours before casting, also not all breaks are casted anyway. Gideon was a complete dumb ass for reshooting the scene no doubt but I have yet to figure out why people keep getting their jollies on bashing the Hell out of the waiters over and over. I'm beginning to think that Laurent must be idolized highly by a number of posters on here. Sure you all have the right to say what you want about people who put themselves in the spotlight but I am at a loss as to what some people get out of the things they post... whatever. I learned early on in training that you should take any bump, fall etc very seriously after we had a couple "mailingerers" play extended periods of time with broken bones that the doctors flat out missed.
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    everybody has the right to speak their mind, so don't shoot me if I speak mine- ray davies

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    So the cameras and producers chose to edit out the tears? Come on. That is exactly the kind of stuff that this show eats up. Your timeline doesn't make sense. I have worked corporate before, you don't go open a restaurant while you are in management and if you try to tell me different I will call Jeckyl and Hyde to check. You might have been an outstanding server or maybe you were just a guy that had the most open schedule, that is who goes to train servers and open new pops up. The managers are trained at the existing place and brought in to open up the new pop. That is how it is done. I have opened 4 restaurants as a server when I was younger and was the GM in a management trainer rest for Brinker (On the Border, Mac Grill, Chilis, Mazianos Little Italy).. I did that for years before I opened my own place. It just doesn't add up. SO I think that you resume is more like this: First year, waited tables... went to open the Dallas place because you got along with one of the managers pretty good and wanted a free trip with free rent for a month. Came back, hung out there.. probably had very serious responsibilities but never went through management training (usually 5-6 months for the madatory corp training alone)... decided that you wanted to try something different... tried the real estate thing, had to work three times as hard for half the money so you went back to the hospitality industry at Tapas. They were in need of quality help so they threw some responsibilities at you and called you a manager. That is wehre I believe you actually managed/bartended. Roccos came around. You quit and workd there for a month, you got fired. Now you are hangin out on here with all of us guys. If I am way off then I apologize but I know this biz and the time doesn't add up.

    Good luck with your life, just realize that if you want to be on TV, you will be under a microscope so you might as well just be honest with people. Sometimes people stretch the truth so much they forget the truth.

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    Since you are quite the expert on the "food biz" what's YOUR restaurant?

    I live in North Texas and would love to come in and let the rest of this board know what its all about.

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    Etta Shootka
    Quote Originally Posted by stebo
    I think that the thing that got hurt the most was his feelings. If he had been screaming in pain then something would have been done about it. The arm was in basically a "sling" the next day, it almost looked like a prop. I have no doubt that he tripped and fell down. His arm probably really hurt bad as well. But not enough to make such a big deal out of it.
    Back in February, I fell in a parking garage. After initially yelling for help, I was calm and low key, despite having the distinct feeling that I had f-ed something up very badly. I cried quietly, but didn't do any screaming. At the hospital, I was asked to move my leg around, etc., which I did, no problemo. The staff was certain I'd just sprained my ankle, but wanted an x-ray just in case. Lo and behold, I had broken my leg. They sent me home in a splint, which was taken off by an orthopedist two days later. The break was too close to the knee, and a cast would be more of a hindrance. My leg hurt like a sonufabitch and I was unable to go to work for a month. When I finally made it out and about people were amazed - I didn't *look* like I'd suffered a bad injury. They didn't know about my inability to sleep without pain killers or that I'd permanently lost sensation in my ankle.

    Point of this is, it is entirely possible to suffer breaks and other serious injuries without making a scene over it.

    When I saw Gideon get sent home for a second time tonight after being summoned by some moron in the management structure of that restaurant, I was amazed. Had I been Gideon, I would have given them the big middle finger at that point. That demonstrates extremely poor staff management and communications. After tonight's episode, seeing/hearing about numerous falls at Rocco's, I wonder how quickly an OSHA inspector will be up Rocco's ass, if it hasn't already happened.


    - Etta

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    Like I said, I'm not a doctor, but I did have 4 broken arms at 4 different times checked by 4 different doctors, and no one ever had any trouble reading my xray. I got a cast the same day with all but one, and that was because I was at a rural hospital in that instance, and they had no one there that time of night to do the xray. I also had a broken leg where they put in a plate and lots of pins. Emergency room sent me home on that one with a splint because it was going to need surgery. The orthopedist did try to cast it originally a couple of days later when my appt came in the hope that it would be able to set that way without surgery. He thought it probably would not and it didn't, but I wanted to try that route first. I got the operation a week or so later when it was clear that things were going to move. My understanding at that time was that certain breaks in legs were different than arms because of the worry of later range of motion.

    I did not say that I believed Gideon to be a lying, only that it contradicted my personal experiences,- and of others I know. I also said if I see him using his arm fairly normally a WEEK later as was somewhat implied in the episode, that I am really going to doubt that it was broken.
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    I fear a lynch mob for if I post that. This is not about me, this is about Gideon. He probably hurt his arm very badly. If there weren't so many question marks about the rest of his claims than I wouldn't have even questioned it. I think it would be best to cut the kid a break. He has taken it like a man and hasn't lashed out to any of us couch critics. Roccos is run badly, no doubt about it. Probably because the concept is more about the show rather than the actual quality of food/service. Have no fear, next week Rocco decides to "demote himself" to waiter and learns about all of the problems that are going on. I feel very confident that by the end of the show we will all look very foolish and Rocco will come out of this smelling like roses. But the reviews coming out now were done AFTER the cameras left and they appear to be very bad. The gimmich will wear off in about a year and Roocos will quietly move out of our minds like it was never there.

    Gideon, you have been a true sport on the board. I don't like how you lashed out claiming to have been an experienced waiter when the initial feedback was given. I feel that you misrepresnted yourself. I would really have rather you just tell the truth, not a sample of the truth. I have no doubt that there is some truth in everything that you have claimed, just that it was exagerrated. But we all exagerate where we are at in our careers... you just happen to be under a microscope more than the normal Joe. This too will pass and maybe someday we will see you in something else. Good luck and sorry for all the ribbing, you took it well. Go buy Zenial a beer, it sounds like he got royally screwed over by the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gideon
    Hello all...Im new to this...but Im loving it already. My name is Gideon, yes the "tool" or the "dork" of the show....Apparantly that's what Ive been labeled. The cast got together last night in NYC to watch the first episode...we are all very excited. There is so much more than what you all have seen though. Like....why I drank that spit bucket...etc...It's great to see that the show is getting a good response...believe me...it only gets better from here. If you would like my take on the show and a little behind the scenes of what went on you can check out my website at www.gideonhorowitz.com....I look forward to hearing all of your comments...good or bad

    My favorite quote from this message board thus far

    "Gideon has attained the dubious status of a dork that gets to an interview 26 hours early."

    Until next time-Gideon
    Dude, why did you put periods and an I at the end of your URL? The link doesn't work now? Also, you know you're being punished by Rocco and that creepy Laurent dude. They called you twice now to work and then sent you home. Doesn't that tell you something?

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    Gideon's "Broken" Arm.

    Although I am enjoying the restaurant -- it's of course scripted in some areas (sorry if this has been discussed before). If anyone recorded last night's episode --

    When Gideon leaves his house -- his "sling" is on his left arm.

    When Gideon is shown walking down the street -- his "sling" is on his right arm.

    When he arrives at Rocco's -- his "sling" is back on his left arm. (Obviously the directors noticed)

    This show is a little "too" fake for me.

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