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Thread: Gideon

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    I think that the thing that got hurt the most was his feelings. If he had been screaming in pain then something would have been done about it. The arm was in basically a "sling" the next day, it almost looked like a prop. I have no doubt that he tripped and fell down. His arm probably really hurt bad as well. But not enough to make such a big deal out of it. As a former "manager" than I would think he would have sucked it up and taken care of himself rather than whinig about it to everyone. I think Gideon's ego got hurt a lot more than his arm.

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    I don't know that his ego was hurt. He sure got more air time and lots of sympathy. And didn't he basically threaten to sue Rocco? Something about Rocco treating him badly after he had fallen on his floor wearing his shoes. I had to laugh when Carrie said that was the best way for Gideon to keep his job was not to work because then no one would see how terrible a server he was. He seemed charming to the ladies at one of his tables when he was talking about his heritage, but making fun of customers while you are right in the room with them is really really bad. He and Pete were way out of line there. You can rant all you want after the place is closed.

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    STEBO mentioned that he finds it hard to believe that Gideon was a resataurant manager at two different places, etc, by the age of 22. I'm confused by him also having been a real estate agent! Don't you need to go to school and put in a certain amount of hours and get licensed for that? When could he possibly have had that career, given his young age and the fact that restaurant management is very time-consuming?
    Have we heard from him since STEBO called him on this?

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    Don't forget that a lot of actors lie about their age. One or another may be slightly fudged, either the age or the experience. Then again, is anyone familar with the restaurants Gideon claims to have managed? Maybe he was promoted after a month or so at these particular type of restaurants. After all, you can be promoted to manager at Micky D's in two weeks!

    Don't get me wrong, I kind of like Gideon on the show. It's getting to the point that if it weren't for the "actors" it would be a very boring show.

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    It is possible for him to have done both the RE license & Managing restaurants if he got started fairly early.. It's very possible. I had done it myself...

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    Yes it's very possible.
    You can get a real estate licence in 2 weeks in NYC.

    98': Moved to NYC from Miami started working at Jekyll and
    Hyde as server for 9 months-got promoted to In house trainer
    then National trainer(opened up the Grapevine Texas location)
    2 months later I get promoted to Manager in NYC...yes still 18
    going on 19.

    99'-01': Managed Jekyll and Hyde
    01'-02': Real Estate Agent for Citi-habitats NYC
    02'-03': Manager Tapas Lounge

    This is as accurate as I can be Stebo. I will clarify this on my website and appologize for any confusion I caused in explaining my life history.

    I just recently turned 23.

    Ive lived in Brooklyn Heights, 116th and 2nd ave., 93rd and 2nd ave., and now in midtown.

    I owned a Saturn sl-1 in Miami.

    My rent is $750

    Doctor at St. Vincents: "Your elbow is broken, at this point we cant see enough in the x-ray due to inflamation, and swelling."

    Editing: I was downstairs in the office almost in tears because the pain was so bad...at the hospital I threw up while getting the x-ray because the pain was so bad. I am sorry the people at NBC didn't show this...they probably edited it out because it's a tv show.

    For any other details about my life you can e-mail me and I will be happy to clarify anything for you.

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    Yeah, sure.

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    sure what?

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    C'mon, guys! Give him a break! Think of it this way: he has a camera crew with him that could have disproved him, so why would he lie? Anyway, as an athlete who's broken things many a time, I can tell you it is definitely true that they can't put a cast on the arm if it's too swollen. Also, smaller breaks often don't show up for weeks after the incident.

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    i just dont understand why everyone feels the need to be so mean to Gideon. would you like your life to be picked apart by people all over the country (or a least all the people on this message board)?

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