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    I respect the hell out of all of you for coming on here and defending the show. My criticism is of the show and was inapproriately directed at you guys. Apologize for that. I am a lifelong hospitality guy and that is why it pissed me off to see the show play down the opening of a rest in one episode. Maybe because I opened my own place and I was REALLY looking forward to this show illustrating to the country how difficult it is. I think that we would all agree that they went for the "happy go lucky" route; rather than the normal "doom and gloom" that actually goes with opening up a place (especially a $4 million dollar place).

    I want to ask you a serious question on here... an I am not going to judge you because of it because you are not in charge... was the footage of you in front of the place really shot the day before or was it recreated? Did Rocco really bring out that meal to you? Were you hired before all of this and then you guys staged the whole thing? Etc... i am not asking this for any type of ammunition or anything, I just thought those questions when I was watching it.

    I had extremely high hopes for this show because it is what I do for a living. I should probably stop taking myself so seriously. Don't hold it against me, ok? I know that you were just playing a part in this and you did what you had to do to get in front of the camera. Tell all the folks at Rocco's that people ARE watching the show and it is better to be talked about (bad or good) than have the show be a flop and nobody caring at all. Just take a look at my Project Greenlight recaps/summaries on the "Other Reality Shows" part of this website and you awill see how truly sad it is when people could care less about a great show. See you on the tube this week. And tell Uzay that his voice over work on his website is killer, I was cracking up! great stuff!

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    Hey..i just replied to you on another thread before I read this...sorry...

    Yes it was all real. I had no idea what was going to happen when I camped out...like I said on my site...maybe it was a little bit of a publicity stunt on my part...but I still stayed outside for 26 hours...thats gotta count for something...Actors in the city knew the place was hiring well before the actual casting call....and just to verify what the show portrayed...in the casting call it said...location to be announced. They hadnt gotten the location yet.
    I understand your point about misrepresentation and I too hope the show a little bit more of the actual restaurant stuff next episode. But hey...we didnt edit the thing...

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    Nice post Stebo. I understand and appreciate you a little better now. Nothing wrong with criticizing a show, I just thought you were being a little unfair about it all. Thanks for at least recognizing that it's possible that it's not all as bad as you make it out to be.
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gideon
    Hello all...Im new to this...but Im loving it already. My name is Gideon, yes the "tool" or the "dork" of the show....Apparantly that's what Ive been labeled. The cast got together last night in NYC to watch the first episode...we are all very excited. There is so much more than what you all have seen though. Like....why I drank that spit bucket...etc...It's great to see that the show is getting a good response...believe me...it only gets better from here. If you would like my take on the show and a little behind the scenes of what went on you can check out my website at www.gideonhorowitz.com....I look forward to hearing all of your comments...good or bad

    My favorite quote from this message board thus far

    "Gideon has attained the dubious status of a dork that gets to an interview 26 hours early."

    Until next time-Gideon
    Hello Gideon - Do me a favor - Punch that manager in the bread
    basket for me. The cat is a total loser...Take care.


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    Hey Gideon, just want you to know that I am a fan of yours. I wish you the best of luck for your future.
    A cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home

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    Hey Gideon - Happy early birthday greetings to you! I just read back a few posts and saw your stepdad's notes. He is obviously very proud of you and sounds like one of your staunchest supporters. You're a lucky guy.

    I just gotta say, though, that from the little bits of the show that I've caught so far, and from what I can remember specificaly of you, so far you've mostly drank out of spit buckets and cleaned toilets.

    With that being said, Stepdaddy Mitch seems to think that anytime anyone says anything that's not complimentary about anyone on the show, we're just letting our little green monsters out of the closet. I suppose that could be a logical supposition if you were doing something incredibly cool, but so far I haven't seen anything too glamorous happening back there in the kitchen that I'm feeling jealous over. I guess if my day job was doing something even more heinous than cleaning the loo on national TV, I might be a little jealous. But it's not, and I'm not, and I thank God every day for that.

    Anyway, good luck with the show and your career, etc. It really sounds like you're all having fun, (and it's fun watching all of you have fun, too!)

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    Melissa Sk8s
    Quote Originally Posted by hazyshadeof
    Not just NYC. LA and every other major metropolitan city I can think of.
    Wasn't there a movie or Saturday Night Live quote that said "After 10 years of waitressing, I still proudly call myself an actress!"

    Woohoo! Luv the show. Can't wait for next week.


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    Hey Gideon, ive read all the posts in this thread so...happy birthday. and i have a question...does pete still wait tables at the resturant?

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    Hey guys...thanks for all your comments....it was a big episode with a lot of things that you didnt see happening off camera. im working on my re-cap right now...itll be up on my site tomorrow. www.gideonhorowitz.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by gideon
    Hey guys...thanks for all your comments....it was a big episode with a lot of things that you didnt see happening off camera. im working on my re-cap right now...itll be up on my site tomorrow. www.gideonhorowitz.com
    I like your special skills. Can you do some vomit sounds for us?

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