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Thread: Rocco DiSpirito - The Chef

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajiH

    You left out "curl up in a fetal ball" worthy. Hideous behavior. Really. I am quite sure my 17 year old son would have handled himself in a more endearing manor. Hell, my 6 year old son, too.
    fetal ball

    He just seemed so awkward and unprofessional.
    He is fortunate to have some staff members who have shown real interest and concern in the direction the restaurant is taking, e.g. the "why are we using silver flatwear to eat out of paper containers?" questions from some of the customers.
    I strongly doubt Rocco is schmoozing with everyone and answering their questions, so that becomes the responsibility of the wait staff, who would obviously like to know what answers to give.
    Rocco stands there looking at his watch when the staff try to address concerns with him though. So rude.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uzay
    Just so you know, Rocco's is directly across the street from BOLO, Bobby Flay's Italian restaurant. Bobby hates us right now because his place is empty and ours is jammed all night. Don't think he will be coming in to challange anyone anytime soon.
    Hmm....interesting. When I ate at Bolo 3 weeks ago, I thought it was spanish influenced?? Tapas to start, and I dont even think there was pasta or anything remotely "italian" on the menu.

    And as we were walking down the street toward Bolo...and saw Rocco's awning across the street, I couldnt help but run up and notice that it WASNT "jammed"....even though the first episode of "The Restaurant" had aired a week earlier. Hmmm And we had to wait at the bar for our table at Bolo....because it was busy in there!

    Hasnt Bolo been there for years anyway?? I would definetly think that a restaurant that was getting a weekly 1 hour commercial(well, I dont know exactly how positive the show really shows the restaurant) would be apt to get a little more business.

    I havent been to Rocco's, but from what I read from critics, the place wont be around much longer. I wonder how hateful Bobby Flay will be then?

    And...just going from what I see on TV....Rocco IS an ass. I'll bet he can cook up a storm, but he doesnt seem to be cooking at all. Rocco reminds me of an old boss of mine who was always on the go, never had any free time, always talking on his cell phone.....but he NEVER got anything done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsTresMulder
    That's fine...I mean, he's ONLY been studying cuisine since he was 16. He ONLY has a BA in biz from Boston U. He ONLY has a successful restaurant...um...what's the name of the restaurant...um...oh, yea...Union Pacific...in New York!

    I am sorry, but there would be NO restaurant w/o Rocco, obviously...and doesn't everyone know already that the boss doesn't work? Does you boss REALLY work??? I know my boss doesn't really work, he may lift a finger every once in a while, but that's it.

    I have to admit, that he was wrong for hanging all over the ladies instead of knowing what was going on...who knows what he was thinking...

    He knows what he's doing though...I am sure he does!!

    OMG - Rocco is that you?
    If so, get a clue dude. You need to clean up your act!

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    I think that Rocco is an interesting character in the same way that drag racing is an interesting sport. While you may claim to watch because of the skill/technique of the driver/chef, the truth is a spectacular crack-up wouldn't dissappoint you.
    I watch the show with one finger on the remote because, frankly, I can't bear too much of him at one time.

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    I think Rocco thinks he interesting enough to carry the show. I for one have lost all respect for him.

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    regardless of what you think of him, Rocco has inspired PASSIONATE discussion and some pretty good ratings so yeah, people are very interested in his character. The fact that some are interested in burning him in effigy is a different discussion.
    everybody has the right to speak their mind, so don't shoot me if I speak mine- ray davies

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsTresMulder
    To answer your question, yes, Rocco is interesting...don't hate people, God, I am just expressing my opinion!

    Please...take offense, don't take offense...whatever you like.
    I agree, he's very interesting, VERY!

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    I'm with MsTres when she says Rocco is gorgeous, he's fine as hell!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanquish311
    I'm with MsTres when she says Rocco is gorgeous, he's fine as hell!!!!
    as long as he doesn't open his mouth...

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    Does it really matter what he looks like? That is the problem here, you guys are so focused on his looks that you ignore what a complete jerk he is. So what if he is good looking, does that excuse his actions? Good looking people can be dumb asses too people.

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