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Thread: Rocco DiSpirito - The Chef

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    Rocco: New York Post Critic? Rocco blew it

    Rocco kind of blew off the New York Post critic. He told who needed to know who was at the table, but he blew it. I would have told the waitress or someone to just stand and wait for all the food when it was ready. And once it was to run it back to the table in a HURRY. Of course no one did. The food got cold and if I was Rocco I'd be kicking myself. From the minute I knew she was there I would have put all of my attention towards her. I would have made sure all of their food was cooked just perfect. Am I wrong? He just blew her off...I don't know what the lady from the Post wrote but it can't be anything good.

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    my family is in the restaurant business (25 years) and i just dont know what is up with this guy?? he is completely clueless. i wouldnt go to his restaurant simply bc he is an arrogant, self centered loser.

    i also dont know why there is this common thought that the person in charge (owner/manager) has to be a jerk. WRONG. as they say...you get more bees with honey.....

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    I loved the 1st 2 episodes, last night .
    What an ego :mad: Then to call his mama over, to say he's a horses ass is an understatement
    I cannot believe the way that man treats his employees. I know alot of resturant owners, and if they are that busy, you bet they are right there busting butt right along with everyone else and to bad mouth an employee to customers What a complete jerk :mad:
    From what I see once the order is placed, & cooked the runner brings them up (by the way)there is no way food gets that cold unless someone in this case the kitchen manager is at fault for not busting the runners humps & then you don't tell your customers your business, comp them some drinks!!!! Don't feel them up
    Has anyone actually seen this guy cook??
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    Quote Originally Posted by kelly
    Has anyone actually seen this guy cook??
    Long ago, on a show on Food Network called "Melting Pot." Recently on Late Nite with Carson Daly (if you call what he did cooking). On "his" show at "his" restaurant... no. Go figure. I think he needs to drop the "chef" part of "celebrity chef."

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    Rocco Is H-O-T!!!!

    Who agrees?

    Rocco is so gorgeous!!!

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    He may be good to look at...but he sucks royally at being in the business.. he treats his staff like crap ,he should of hired more experienced waitstaff..instead he picked for looks and personality,what you want is KNOWLEDGE of taking care of customers.The customer is ALWAYS right,without them you have NO business!Worst of all ..is when the staff needed him he was too busy covering up his incompetence by bringing out MAMA to silence all the complaints . What a loser! Unless someone else takes over the management soon ..he will lose everything.

    I am not afraid of dying....I just don't want to be there when it happens!

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    I would like to see Bobby Flay walk into Rocco's and challenge this hack

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    Rocco - Is he the P.T. BARNUM of cooking?

    Relentless self promotion.

    Bills self as chef but does not cook.

    Openly Enjoys adulation while those around suffer.

    Does this dude really think we the viewer see him as some
    soup nazi suffering for his food (Seinfeld). If he was some
    great food artist, I could overlook some of his behavior.

    Burnett is no fool and the only way to keep viewers is give
    us example after example of the fraud that is Rocco.

    Their is no other way to sell this turkey.


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    Rocco Is So HOT!!!!

    Rocco is so gorgeous. DAMN!!!

    I LOVE R@CC@!!!!!!!

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    That's fine...I mean, he's ONLY been studying cuisine since he was 16. He ONLY has a BA in biz from Boston U. He ONLY has a successful restaurant...um...what's the name of the restaurant...um...oh, yea...Union Pacific...in New York!

    I am sorry, but there would be NO restaurant w/o Rocco, obviously...and doesn't everyone know already that the boss doesn't work? Does you boss REALLY work??? I know my boss doesn't really work, he may lift a finger every once in a while, but that's it.

    I have to admit, that he was wrong for hanging all over the ladies instead of knowing what was going on...who knows what he was thinking...

    He knows what he's doing though...I am sure he does!!


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