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Thread: "Renovate My Family" Infomation

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    "Renovate My Family" Infomation


    September 2, 2004 -- IT was bound to happen reality shows have now begun feeding on each other.
    That must be how "Renovate My Family" was as sembled from parts lifted from other shows.

    This new, over- the- top Fox real ity show which had a special two- hour pre miere last night is the Frankenstein's monster of re ality shows.

    From ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," the show got the idea to com pletely remodel (or to tally rebuild) a family's home in just a few days, using a crew of cleverly cast young people, in cluding a hunky carpenter and a pretty interior designer.

    The show's flamboyant hair and makeup guy, Jude Alcala, is clearly influenced by "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

    And from a dozen home-design shows of the sort that are multiplying like weeds all over cable these days, "Renovate My Family" gets a host of images from its many construction scenes to the all-important "reveal," when the lucky family gets the surprise of their lives as they see their new home for the first time and yell and scream with happiness.

    With all that it has begged, borrowed and stolen from other shows, "Renovate My Family" has something no other home-improvement show has the Dahm triplets (left), three young, identical, blond lovelies in hard hats, tank tops, jeans and Timberlands.

    When they were introduced as real construction workers by host Jay McGraw, son of Dr. Phil, and construction foreman Scott McCray, it was an unparalleled "only on Fox" moment.

    The real stars of "Renovate My Family," however, were the Biggins family of Dallas, a raucous, chubby clan consisting of a mom and dad, two boys and a teenage daughter who were last seen just recently on another Fox reality show, "Trading Spouses."

    In the week it took to build them a new home, they spent time at a spa trying to change their deadly diet habits and learn how to exercise.

    In this way, their minds, bodies and spirits were renovated along with their home which, according to the show, will lead to a new and better life for the Bigginses.

    Whether this will actually happen is a matter of conjecture, unless the show revisits them in a year or two to see how they're adjusting to life in the finest new palace on their rather drab block.

    While they seemed ecstatic in their new home at the show's end, they also seemed oddly uncomfortable, which raises the old cautionary saying: Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

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    If you are in the SoCal area there will be an open casting call TODAY only.

    WHAT TO BRING: Two photos of your family

    Los Angeles, California
    Located on Universal Studio's Citywalk
    (east end) near Universal Theatre's
    Thursday September 2
    12pm - 6 pm
    Look, I love me most...If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would.

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