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Thread: Jay McGraw met the challenge!

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    Jay McGraw met the challenge!

    Jay pulled it off! I can't think of anything more challenging than doing a show like this with so many unknown factors. Jay has the intelligence, people savvy, humor and looks to set the right tone for this premiere showing. I really enjoyed the show (love the Biggins) and the way Jay took the audience through it. He let us see it all: the good, the bad and the ugly! Way to go Jay!

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    I really enjoyed the show. It was fun. And its good to see that the family gets what they truly need and deserve. But its a complete mix of Extreme Makeover (house addition) and Extreme Makeover (without surgery)..."Renovate My Family" is a mix of it all..

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    I actually thought jay was the worse part of the show. It was like watching a college B movie.

    I would have rather have had the interior designer girl or the contractor (who kinda looked like tony hawk to me) as the host.

    *shrug* but thats just me

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    I don't think that Jay did that bad of a job. It was nice to see the host right there in the trenches, sweating buckets as much as everyone else.

    I don't appreciate staged drama scenes, like the paint situation. There was no need to dumb it down for the TV audience, acting like it was all caught on tape live as it happened.

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    I just had to look him up to find out who the hell Jay McGraw is. Anyways, he was the worst part of the show (although, the interior design woman was a close 2nd).

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