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Thread: 9/01 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    I hope most viewers out there don't take 'Reality TV' as absolute reality any more...
    I know I don't.

    I really liked the Biggins family, so I'm happy for them. I do think the neighbors are going to be a bit jealous though.
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    Very good show, I'm so happy for the Biggens. I think they deserve it. If it was me, I would send Fox a very nice thank you card. I would also invite Nana over for tea.
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    OK, from 9pm cst Fox 4 News Dallas. They interviewed the Biggins, They are from the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Anthony said even though they have been in the house for a while they are still amazed and the designers picked things they would have. THAT WAS it! about 10 seconds... what a bust. Oh, and they said the show comes on again on Monday...

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    I thought the amount of stuff they were given was obscene.

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    I haven't read all the posts in here yet, but I just wanted to point out that I just saw those Marsha Brady lookalike triplets recently on Family Feud. I can't remember what they said their jobs were though... I think if it was construction that would have stuck out in my mind. They did get their hands dirty and appeared to be working, for what it's worth. EDIT: I just googled "family feud triplets" and found their website: http://jenx3.com/

    I truly hope the Biggins family is able to pay all the bills that come along with such a huge house.

    The house was absolutely amazing! I do have to wonder about the 6 monitors in the kitchen. That just seems wacky. And the one car garage for a house that size? I hope the neighbors are happy for them and don't resent this fantasy house in the middle of their block. I think FOX should have at least had them move to a new lot, but that would have taken away from the "before and after" whole thing.

    I'm very happy for the Biggins family and their fairytale come true. They seem like truly nice, genuine people.
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    I only saw the triplets briefly, but they looked like the Dahm triplets to me, who are nude, models, or who have at the very least been in the likes of Playboy, I could be wrong though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I only saw the triplets briefly, but they looked like the Dahm triplets to me, who are nide ,models, or who have at the very least been in the likes of Playboy, I could be wrong though.

    You are right. I remember them from my ex-boyfriend's Playboy.
    Fox actually made it look like they were really working on the construction.

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    The only thing I could think of was what most of you brought up- how the heck are they gonna pay for all the bills that will amount- the electricity and the property taxes??

    In the end I was happy for them and hope they continue with eating right and exercising. It's hard for people to make that kind of change but if they just follow through, they'll make it.

    I absolutely LOVED Mela's spa in her bathroom...I was drooling over it!!!

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    As mentioned in a few other posts, there are some serious bills to be paid. Are they going to be able to afford this on a monthly basis? Let's see:

    A/C for a 3200 square foot home, plus A/C for the dog.
    Electricity - 110" projection TV / 10 regular TV's / music amplifier
    Satellite Dish and Cable
    Water - Supersized cool bath tub being used nightly & hair washing tub being used by every girl in the neighborhood
    Property Taxes
    Homeowners Insurance
    General utilities for 3200 square foot home
    Monthly alarm fee's (there was an alarm on that home, wasn't there?)

    Plus - who's going to keep that 3200 sqaure foot home clean?!?

    Hope they still love it when reality hits. Summertime in Dallas will bring a pricey bill from the utility man...

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    I'm not sure how they'll handle the bills on this show, but on Extreme Makeover:Home Edition (which FOX seemed to copy for this show), the production crew pays the family 7 days worth of "rent" for using thier house, and that amount is pretty close to the price of their taxes.

    Also, didn't they get money from the other reality show they were on?

    Hopefully, they've found a financial advisor that can help them out with this extra income.

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