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Thread: 9/1 @ 8 pm Renovate My Family--The Biggins Family

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    Although I am happy for the Biggins, it would have been nice to see another family (like, maybe the one living in the run-down bungalo beside the Biggins with the broken window) reap some of the benefits. I wonder how many more reality shows the Biggins family applied for?

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    The family next door to the Biggins probably didn't apply to be on the show.

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    I think it was great that they recieved their new home, but all the "extras" were way above their means of living. No home needs all those televisions, and didnt Anthony get allotted money for his electronics hobby by Tammy?? I love the family, but I dont agree with the children calling their parents by their first name, that is one thing that bothered me a lot. The drama of the mother and daughter screaming and being so excited about their new home, was a little more than I could stand too. I know if you got a new home you would be very excited, but they carried on a little more than normal in my opinion. I do think they need to move on with less fortunate families in their homes and not ones that just won 50K from another reality tv show.

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    Whoa, I missed that. The kids called their parents by their first name?
    In the South that cause for shaving your kids hair off and sending them to military school. In Texas that's cause for disowning them,giving them a bowl haircut and sending them off to Oklahoma.
    Yeah ,those two did a bit to much hoopin' and hollerin' for me. I mean they knew they were going to get the hook up so it's not a surprise. They had at least a weeks worth of knowledge of what was going down. I'm still trying to figure something out.......was that house really pink or was the color off on my tv set?

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    I must have missed that also. That is an absolute. You do not adress your parents by their first name.

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