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Thread: 9/1 @ 8 pm Renovate My Family--The Biggins Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    I'd honestly like to see the Cooke Family from last night's episode of Trading Spouses get this.

    Definately would LOVE to see that.

    Toatally. The Cooke family deserves a new crib. I like the Biggins family they crack me up how could you not want to see them again on a show like this. i mean look how much we see other people on other reality shows all over the air waves trying to cash in on their "fame". At least with the Biggins they aren't obnoxiuos fame seekers and if the Cooke family gets a new crib(fingers crossed for them) you know they would appreciate it and not attempt to cash in by trying to become Hollywood actor types. These families are genuine and those Cooke kids could use some help from Dr Phils son.

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    OMG. no more biggins family EVER. I am so sick of these people. The mom and daughter were totally obnoxious at the reveal. Hubby yelled from the next room, "What is that noise? Turn it down!"

    What were the triplets doing there? Oh yeah, gotta have the eye candy. :deadhorse

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    Yeah, why are people so against the Biggins family?? Give me a break. Some of the responses here sound a bit petty, if not, jealous. Calm down...it's JUST tv...yanno??

    I disagree how much stuff was given or how big the house was...and I think that the money poured into the house could have been better used if they cut down the size of the house AND the extra amenities. I don't see how the Biggins will be able to continue to afford this...which is sad.

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    It was worth it just to think about Tammy watching this show and blowing a gasket. Nice family . Glad they did that for them.

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    I for one appreciated the triplets and I thought they did a wonderful job holding up that piece of wood to be nailed. You could see they were 'in the zone' and no matter how hot it was they were not going to give up . They wore those those sweaty tank tops well,but they swing a hammer about as well as Paris Hilton walks in high heels shoes .
    All I have to say is:
    Heres to more hot triplets wearing construction hats and boots 'n tank tops and can a guy get some cats calls and whistles from these ladies....I wanna feel Objectified!!!

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    Pulling back the scrim on reality TV

    Filming in Dallas reveals the behind-the-scenes machinations of creating new 'Family Time'

    05:49 PM CDT on Monday, August 16, 2004

    By MANUEL MENDOZA / The Dallas Morning News

    The grass is greener on the Biggins side of the fence. And not just metaphorically.

    The Oak Cliff family won a new house as part of a Fox reality-makeover show, including new sod for the front yard. Then just to make sure it would look all bright and shiny on TV, the production crew spray-painted the grass a deeper shade.To unearth these and other behind-the-scenes details, Reality Bites braved Fox's vigorous security net. It was led by a rent-a-cop so enthusiastic she even corrected our phone manners as we talked an L.A. publicist into letting us onto the outdoor set.

    The production company had taken out a permit that turned Inca Drive into a private road for the big reveal: Anthony Biggins, his wife Al-Mela and their three children arriving at their mini-manse for the first time. (The family had already starred in another Fox reality series, Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy.)

    Was the network hiding how the sausage is made? Mostly it was trying to preserve the particulars for the Sept. 7 premiere of Family Time, or at least until on-air promotions inevitably give those particulars away.

    Secret No. 1 There's a lot of faked-up stuff going on in reality shows. You may have figured that out by watching. But even the crew on Family Time got confused.

    Two weeks ago, as the production prepared for the Bigginses' return, a scrim depicting their old house was erected in front of their new one. After family members arrived in a series of limousines, host Jay McGraw crowed, "OK, guys, take it away!"

    And on his cue, production assistants started to remove the billboard-size reproduction.

    But Mr. McGraw son of TV's Dr. Phil McGraw was only saying the line for the cameras. The director wasn't actually ready for the scrim to be taken away. That was the next scene.

    Secret No. 2 Street crowds that gather for reality shows such as Family Time are directed where to stand and how to express themselves. This creates more filmable moments. Hooting and clapping were welcome, for instance. But kazoos, because they're so loud, were discouraged.

    "I'm going to be taking you where we need the pictures," a crew member told the impromptu extras. "We may ask you to cheer and applaud."

    Scores of friends and neighbors happily played along, though a few drifted off as assurances that the Bigginses would be rolling up in five minutes turned out to be wrong by hours.

    Secret No. 3 It's hard to be so secret when your production takes over a neighborhood. The block leading up to the Bigginses' street was lined with vehicles, and nearly every yard on the block was covered in trailers, camera rigs and gawkers. As long as you weren't press, you could come and go as you pleased.

    It took all day to set up and shoot the reveal, and some of the production assistants were there just to make sure people stayed comfortable. One woman kept coming around with lemonade and water the weather was blazing hot while others attended to suffering crew members under an impromptu first-aid tent.

    Secret No. 4 Reality TV can be surreal even before it's edited into a show.

    Among the designers and construction workers waiting to greet the Biggins family were 26-year-old triplets Jaclyn, Erica and Nicole Dahm, famous for posing together in Playboy. They apparently had hammered a few nails.

    But seeing three identically tanned, tank-topped, look-alike blondes in a mostly black section of Oak Cliff was a sight gag that will probably look perfectly normal on reality TV.
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    Hmm..well, all that is what we really already know about these "makeover your home" shows.

    No biggy surprise for me. Well, except for the spray painting of the grass. But even with that, it still makes the yard look better, even after the cameras have left.

    The triplets are not a "perfectly normal reality show gag".
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    Quote Originally Posted by realityluver
    I'm glad the Biggins got the makeover home. Good for them!!! It's no money out of my pocket, brought me entertainment (I enjoyed the show), and it couldn't have happened to a nicer family.
    I totally agree! I loved the "Biggins" family on "Trading Spouses" so I was thrilled when they were chosen for "Renovate My Family!" They really deserved their new home and all the pampering they received! I was really happy for them! I love this show! realityluver said it best "it couldn't have happened to a nicer family."

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    The Biggins equals big on love ,big on personality and big on fun and I guess the 'ins' part means they're moving in to a brand new beautiful home. I'm so happy for them.

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    One thing that struck me was: who is going to pay the utility bills on that place?

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