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Thread: 4/28 AI 10 Recap: “The Family Dog Doesn’t Vote...” – Iovine

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    4/28 AI 10 Recap: “The Family Dog Doesn’t Vote...” – Iovine

    Spotlighted Idol contestants provide Ryan with a dramatic opening for the Result Show where six will become five. They then disappear so the judges can make their grand entrance, with Steven wearing his version of a cowboy hat. Will he be rounding up cattle after the show? Ryan brings the contestants onstage a second time so they can show their smiling faces and wave to the audience before being shepherded to the single couch.

    Ryan: I can tell you this – a lot of fans are going to be disappointed with tonight’s result.

    Hopefully we aren’t disappointed with the show, because Ryan coyly leaps right into Judge pimping. He calls Steven, “the man of the hour.” Really, Ryan, isn’t this about the contestants singing for their lives? Apparently not, as it is probable celebrity contracts that come into play ahead of all else. I’ll give them their nod as the first filler of the night…Steven has a book coming out and is appearing in two magazines this week; but, don’t forget JLo, who is still the most beautiful woman in the world. We did get a Stevenism out of this, “I may be good, but when I’m bad, I’m even better.” Sure thing, Steven, if you say so…but I’m wondering who else will provide cute or even interesting filler this show. Ryan announces a pre-taped Bruno Mars session and a song by Crystal Bowersox (runner-up season 9, who is LIVE.) You always have to wonder about CGI with the pre-taped performances, so it is a good thing when Ryan announces a performer is live.

    It was Brit Week in Los Angeles this past week and they motor the gang over to the British Consulate for a cute video piece. In this we discover that Scotty can put on an accent; and that they rub elbows with ex-pats such as Ben Kingsly at a party honoring the upcoming (at that time) royal wedding. There is a toast to the couple from a royal and noshing on fish and chips. Scotty leaves with a “Cheerio” while Lauren and Haley wave an “Adios” to the camera.

    The six take the stage with a medley of Carole King hits. The girls harmonize better than the boys in their section, but then they place Scotty in the middle of a gaggle of girls for a solo. I guess the producers are still pushing the girly fan club stuff on us. The group finishes with a stair sit for, “It’s Too Late.” Is it? It will be for one Idol hopeful, but we are only ten minutes into the show.

    The next bit of fluff is the Ford music video where they draw a mid-century modern house interior as “Our House” plays. It’s quite clever as the broad strokes of their markers turn into a table, a couch and all the other accoutrements of a living room. The last bit is to draw the garage door and opener so they can leave the property in the Fords. I guess that is called drawing outside the box, or to get outside the box. Cute.

    Standing at her lamp stand turned mic stand, Crystal Bowersox brings both her guitar and her rug back to the Idol stage. She sings, “Ridin’ with the Radio,” fusing it into a country-rock sound while the words and the back-up musicians bring more of a country feel to it. When she finishes, all the contestants walk over to say “Hi” with a hug. Is she going away from her more Indie roots to country-rock? It will be interesting to see how she forms her next album.

    Tickets are on sale for the summer Idol tour.

    I’m skipping the section on stoopid internet fan questions mainly because they are senseless, meaningless and stupid. However there was a nice shout-out to those who have suffered because of the tornados.

    Dim The Lights

    Ryan will call them one by one to center stage in random order until the one with the fewest number of votes remains. Each contestant receives a review of their show performance and a prediction by Jimmy Iovine.

    Haley is called first and Jimmy’s prediction for her rests on her not knowing who she is. “The audience will read that and if she goes home, it will be because of that.” Coming back live we discover that Haley has a bleeped response to Jimmy, saying that she knows who she is.

    Ryan: After the nationwide vote, I can tell you what kind of contestant you are – SAFE!

    For Scotty, Jimmy predicts, “He has a subtlety that is magnificent, but I’m always worried that subtlety in this particular environment can get lost, and that’s where Scotty is in jeopardy.” Scotty agrees that it can get lost when everyone is looking for the glory notes, the bang.

    Ryan: After the nationwide vote, hang on for a second. Relax on the couch and we’ll have your results shortly. IN JEOPARDY

    Lauren gets her review where she is reminded to hear the positive and not just the negative critiques. She agrees and says she is working on it.

    Jimmy’s prediction for this week, “Lauren is here for the long run.”

    Ryan: Hang tight, think about that, take a seat, hang on…let’s hear it for Lauren. IN JEOPARDY

    (At this point I’m wondering if the producers have taken notes from the Dancing with the Stars crew across the hall where, for drama, a bottom three is not always named and even those with the highest number of combined votes and scores can be placed IN JEOPARDY.)

    Casey called front and center. His review is all about him being an entertainer, but Jimmy was disappointed because though he was on, Casey felt that he had to growl. “Casey has to realize that the family dog does not vote on this show.”

    His prediction: “Casey is safe.”

    Ryan: After the nationwide vote, we’ll get to your result as well. Relax for a moment. Take a seat on the couch over there. IN JEOPARDY

    When James gets his review, the package includes Steven’s remarks about a make-out session in a bowling alley – why, you ask? Jimmy says that James singing heavy metal is not believable, but when he sings a melody with a rock feel, he’s much more believable.

    His prediction: “If James picks the right song, he can win this thing.”

    Ryan: The nationwide vote. James, I can tell you now you are SAFE.

    Jacob’s review shows him in his colorful stage get-up with Steven’s comment about him shaking his tail feathers. Jimmy thinks Jacob took a wrong turn in the hallway and landed in the Dancing with the Stars dressing room and says that on American Idol, it isn’t just about the voice, you need the whole package.

    His prediction: “Jacob could possibly still go home. He’s on banana peel status.”

    The final words of Jimmy Iovine: This is now a horserace. You need to stop comparing them against their weekly progress. We have to compare them against each other. There is only one winner of American Idol.

    Ryan holds Jacob onstage (IN JEOPARDY) and calls for Casey, Lauren and Scotty to join him.

    He declares that Lauren is SAFE.

    The last three with undiscovered fates are Jacob, Casey and Scotty. But, they will have to sit through a pre-taped performance by Bruno Mars; quelling their queasy stomachs as we are invited into a living room of sorts where a band jams out with Jamaican flavor. The dog on the couch is a nice touch, but they need Crystal’s rug on the floor to make it homier. The lyric is about not wanting to get out of bed (I hear you) and doing nothing at all, so it fits the rhythms and stage set. The dog didn’t howl, I guess s/he liked it. I wonder if s/he voted.

    Back live, Jacob, Casey and Scotty stand front and center in the red lights. Ryan calls Jacob SAFE.

    Ryan: A lot of people are surprised to see this image (Casey and Scotty hanging onto each other and not breathing) right now. The person who leaves the competition tonight is… (pause, pause)…Casey.

    Scotty is SAFE.

    The look-back package for Casey plays then he puts a spell on all of us with his final song; kisses and hugs all around. Goodbye to the bearded guy with his growls and intense grunts. He does play a mean Harmonium, though.

    Next week the Final Five sing two songs tackling Today and Yesterday (Beatle code word for the sixties.) We have one bluesy-jazz, two country, one gospel and one rocker left on the table. Will dogs vote? Do pigs fly?
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