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Thread: 3/17 AI 10 Recap: Top 12 Boom! Boom! Pow!

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    3/17 AI 10 Recap: Top 12 Boom! Boom! Pow!

    Black Eyed Peas are IN THE HOUSE! And American Idol Season 9 winner, Lee Dewyse. These are the featured fillers, but there are the usual suspects as well: the Ford commercial and the Group Sing. Hey, I love me a little Glee action.

    Before we get to the featured acts, we are reminded why the show exists tonight. This is the Results Show and the opening hype flows thicker than molasses:

    What did you want to be when you were a kid?

    James – Pro Wrestler
    Scotty – Astronaut, but I didn’t have astronaut brains
    Jacob – Reporter
    Naima – Veterinarian, I love animals
    Paul – Comedian
    Thia – Singer, always
    Pia – I’ve always had to perform

    They Fought For The Same Dream
    Their Future Was In Your Hands

    K(ill) M(e) N(ow)!

    Randy and Steven dressed in black escort JLo all in white to their thrones, and we are ready for Ryan’s entrance. The formal attire mash up is complete when he trots out in his usual black suit. In the spirit of the birth year theme of the week, Ryan points out oversized baby pictures of the featured artists as they are flashed on the screen behind him. All are cute so no embarrassment there, thank goodness.
    Ryan: We want to express our sincere thanks to all of you who were watching last night for your support of the American Red Cross. You can still text RED CROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to help those affected by that terrible tragedy.

    Speaking of mash ups, two songs with the word born in them are tied together; the boys sing one and the girls the other. Interesting idea but it sounds like the band is more “Born to be Wild” than the boys. The girls put together some harmony in “Born This Way” before pointing to Stefano singing his way down the audience stairway with Casey screaming something behind him. I really do think I need better speakers for my TV because the band overpowered even the final note where all twelve bellowed to the balcony.


    A commercial for the Ford Fiesta was put together as a movie vignette set to the music, “Val Kilmer,” with a damsel in distress, a scary monster and a broken heart all played out while enjoying popcorn and a lesson in how Fiestas connect to your viewing life at the movies. Cute, but insulin required.


    With a big back slap kudos, Ryan says that 250 million downloads have been generated since Idol began ten years ago. There is now a ten year Idol compilation CD for sale, but everyone in the audience gets one for free…taking a cue from Ellen, Ryan?

    A real giggle filler takes bits of interviews and places bouncy music behind them so we know they are light and airy. The contestant spots go from wiggling ears – Scotty, to moon walking – Casey, to languages spoken (James thinks it would be cool to learn Swedish) and accents for real and put on. Lauren claims she doesn’t have an accent all the while others imitate her. Paul has a smelly wiener dog and Pia has a Shiatsu (first syllable bleeped). Lauren thinks her dog is cuter than the other two, but she is just sayin’. Another shot of insulin needed and we are only 15 minutes into the show.


    Saint Patrick’s Day interrupts the first call for lights to dim with spotlights streaming green and Ray Chew’s crew popping in with an Irish jig. Where is the river of green beer? I mean really – if you’re going to pay homage to the wearing of the green, you should give it a few more props. WhatEVS – Ryan restores order, the lights go red and dark and he calls to center stage: Jacob, Lauren and Casey.

    Jacob – SAFE – even though Randy pointed out some pitch problems.

    Randy then proceeds to give a micro mini-seminar on overcoming Pitch Problems (very problematic). He lectures that you have to be able to hear the note in your head. Pitchy is if it is under the actual tone (flat – my problem overcome by “thinking” high) or over the tone (sharp – too much thinking high; ex: a tinny over-screech, anyone?) JLo excuses the problems heard on this stage in that it is difficult to “hear” oneself over the band; but they are going to work on that next week.

    Lauren – SAFE – and she gives a weak Whoo to feeling a little better tonight.

    Casey – SAFE – though “Teen Spirit” was deemed risky and a little screamy, Steven said he had the goop. When Ryan asks for an explanation, Steven gives a “Really, Ryan?” look then defines it as that stuff you have when creative to get the job done. Really, Steven?

    Haley – BOTTOM 3 – Artistic confusion takes her to a stool; but she says she is looking for a fusion of rock, blues and punk.

    Paul – SAFE – Paul is also feeling better and the cool dude with the loose mood (Steven) walks on back to the couch.

    Before we get to one of the two acts gracing the show, JLo gets her Ryan mention when he introduces her friend, Pit Bull who sits next to hubby Marc Anthony. JLo represented.


    Backed by his band, Lee Dewyze takes the stage to introduce the new single, “Beautiful Like You”, from his new album which he’ll promote on tour. Well, it turns out to be a ballad and it looks like he has had some good session lessons in interpretation as a few girls scream, and the audience gets on their feet to sway.

    His advice to “that lot on the couches”: Just remember why you tried out because at the end of the day when you leave, you still love music and you’re still going to keep doing it. Not bad advice to the numbers as they dwindle down.


    Since no Leprechaun interferes with the lights and music, a hush falls as the lights dim and Ryan calls to center stage: Scotty, Pia and James.

    Scotty – SAFE – Ryan teases Scotty that he sang his first love song to the ladies.

    Pia – SAFE – she was praised for her flawless vocals by the judges.

    James – SAFE – his was considered a safe performance. Ryan asks Steven if he sees a little of himself in James and Steven replies, “No.” After a down turned lip from James, he relents with, “Yes, of course I do.” Really, Steven?

    Stefano – SAFE – the judges loved his vocal, but he needs to make more connection to the audience.

    Naima – BOTTOM 3 – she is beginning to hate the word, pitchy; but vows to do better.

    Karen – BOTTOM 3 – Steven liked when she broke into her ethnic “whatitisness”. Steven notices the question on Ryan’s face and says, “Don’t ask because everyone here understands that.”

    Thia – SAFE – her identity crisis remains unresolved, but she claims to be more than a ballad singer.

    Haley, Naima and Karen sit tight on the stools awaiting their fate; but first all may enjoy a pre-taped performance by Black Eyed Peas.


    The usual smoky stage reveals Fergie sitting on top of the piano in Marilyn Monroe blond hair, bright red Marilyn lips and wearing Marilyn’s iconic white dress fussed up with a metal waist. Hardly recognizable – I think mainly for the heavy red lipstick more than anything else.

    Will.i.am: This song is about love and strength and is dedicated to our friends in Japan.

    The world debut performance of their song, “Just Can’t Get Enough” is pure Black Eyed Peas. With a fusion of electronic pop and rap backed by violins during the soft sections, they also use electronically enhanced microphones, which produce the robot voice sound. Fergie keeps the lyric line going until the switch-up at the end and that made the changeups in style sections fascinating. This is a class in how you connect with current taste and rev up an audience. Adam may have schooled the wannabes in how to sing last week, but Black Eyed Peas schooled the wannabes in how to present a professional performance. WOWZA!


    The BOTTOM 3 stand center stage as Ryan wishes them Good Luck.

    Naima – SAFE

    Haley – SAFE – she encourages Karen to sing her heart out for the possible judges’ Save.

    Karen does put her heart into “Hero” but comes up short in a 2-1 judges’ vote. Say good-bye to Karen as her journey plays on screen and the judges pull her into a group hug.

    Next week the Final 11 will sing it out. I can’t wait to find out what sort of theme they have cooked up to torture them. On Thursday, MsFroggy will let us know who goes on tour.
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