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Great analysis Leo!

What about a voting system that consists of people buying their songs on Itunes? Or at least that being a factor. That might be a better gauge of marketability and stop the power voting.
I'm very reluctant about any voting system that hinges on how much money fans can throw at the AI machine. Do we really need to give the AI PTB any more of our hard-earned money?

This week's editorial over at What Not To Sing actually goes over this very issue of fixing the voting system. While I don't think the voting system is all the problem it's cracked up to be - I think it's the themes which are more problematic - I do think the two proposals WNTS talks about are interesting. (They also talk about some of the other proposed fixes, like the SYTYCD-style eliminations, which they don't think will work. I agree with them on those points.)