So, as we all know by now, our very favorite Girl Drink Drunk had too many Chocolate Choo Choos last night and turned all over psychic, nattering on about Jasonís second song when he had only done one. She looks near tears tonight at Ryanís broaching of this newest crazy mark on her record; Ryan uses this opportunity for damage control to obliquely and noncommittally say that everyone loves Paula and she is a part of the Idol Family. Yes, she is the part that you keep up in the attic and only speak of in hushed tones until itís time to have Thanksgiving dinner. Way to not address anything, Seacrest. This show would crack into a million pieces without him, I swan.
Really, really extended preview now of SYTYCDWTHOMGBBQ, so please watch it because otherwise this $10 million worth of airtime will have been wasted in vain. And please watch extra hard to make up for me, because no way can I take a summer full of Mary Murphy.
I can't wait for this show!

meaning that itíll be Syesha who wins the election in November because she is freaking unstoppable
Isn't that the truth!

Loved the recap MS!